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Lipstick Colors Every Woman Must Have in Her Collection

Wearing  lipstick is one of the easiest ways to instantly look and feel prettier. A lot of woman would say they’re fine with going out without a lot of makeup on as long as they have their lipstick. A swipe of lipstick instantly brightens up the face. It’s also just what a lot of women need when they’re not feeling so great about themselves. I think every woman has at least one lipstick in her purse that she uses every time she wants to feel more beautiful and I think that’s very important. If you’re a fan of lipstick and you love lipstick as much as I do, you know there are a million and one colors out there to choose from and picking up the perfect one from the makeup counter at the mall can prove to be a challenge. If you’re a newbie, let me help you out. Check out these lipstick colors every woman must have in her collection and make sure you grab the ones you don’t already have on your next shopping trip.

  • Red – red is a universally flattering color so it makes a great go-to color on days when you can’t decide on what lip color would go best with your look. It gives you an instant chic and sexy look that makes you feel more confident in an instant. Of course, you will have to do a little bit of research to discover the perfect shade of red for you. Some shades of red look better on warm skin tones while other shades look better on cool skin tones or neutral ones.

red lips cat eye

vampy red lips

  • Pink – pink lipstick is the perfect thing to go for if you’re looking for a grown up way to wear the color you’ve loved since you were a kid. Pink lipstick is a nice addition to a simple makeup look. It has a fresh look to it and it’s really cute and feminine as well.

flourescent pink lips barbie pink lips

  • Orange – orange is everything this summer, especially for the lips. It’s one of summer’s hottest beauty trends but, quite honestly, I’d still wear an orange lip even after the trend has passed. Orange lipstick is like a more fun take on the red lipstick – sweet and sexy and universally flattering as well. It works really well on all skin tones so you shouldn’t have a problem picking out a shade that would complement your skin well.

orange lip color light orange lips

  • Nude – nude lips are the perfect thing to sport if you want something classy, elegant and timeless. Everyone has a perfect match when it comes to nude lipstick, you just have to take the time to find yours. Remember that nude lips don’t always have to be beige based colors. It could be a soft pink color or a sheer red — whatever color it is that comes closest to the natural color of your lips. Remember, too, not to pick a color that’s more than 2 shades lighter than your natural lip color because you might end up with lips looking washed out.

nude lips makeup smokey eyes sexy lip

  • Statement lip – every woman needs to have that one lipstick she can use when her look needs that ‘oomph’ or when she needs to add the wow factor to her look and that’s when a statement lip color comes in handy. Your statement lip color can be anything from a color that you wouldn’t normally wear as your everyday ordinary lip color like purple or even blue to a color that’s bold, bright and loud like neon lipstick.

dark ombre statement lips textured two tone lips