LIPCOTE – Lipstick Sealer Review

One of my latest buys was this lipstick sealer “Lipcote”, which claims to be the secret of lasting lipstick. I was a bit nervous about trying it as I’d heard some bad reviews, but for the £3 I bought it for I knew it was worth a try. You apply your lipstick, blot with a tissue and repeat, then apply the Lipcote to keep it in place. I actually think this works. I put a bright pink on for work a few days ago, hoping/expecting it to rub off and fade as working in a coffee shop – bright lips is a bit of a no no! When I got to work around 3 hours after applying it, still as bright as ever.

LIPCOTE - Lipstick Sealer

lipcote lip sealer-2

It claims that you can get 100 applications out of the little tube, I’ve used it pretty much every day for the last month and I can’t see the bottle going down at all. It does kind of sting when you apply it for a minute or so and its does have a bit of a funny taste (not that you’re meant to taste it!), but after its fine. I am overall pretty impressed with this product, I can definitely see myself re-purchasing. I was so impressed with how long it kept my lip colour to stay bright, and looking just like I’d applied it! I have bought an equivalent to this product from e.l.f – Makeup Lock & Seal. I’m yet to write a review, but a little hint about what’s going to be in it is that I do really like it! Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be posting about it soon! Have you tried Lipcote? What do you think of Lipcote?


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