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Lip Service

‘Tis the season for lip balms! With the freezing temperatures and the regular use of central heating our lips are put under immense strain and therefore need some extra TLC. I usually find myself buying more lip balms than I need and thought I’d share with you all what I have managed to accumulate! 

Creme de la Mer: The Lip Balm
I bought this lip balm over a year ago now, so I’m trying to finish it off. The texture reminds me of Vaseline but not as thick.
The good
  • has a subtle sweet mint flavouring
  • does help sooth inflamed, sore and cracked lips.
  • 15ml content lasts a while as only a small amount is required. 
The bad
  • Expensive – I bought mine at Selfridges for £30 which I thought was steep at the time, so I was shocked to find out that it now costs £40!
  • not a fan of the packaging, I prefer the ‘chapstick’ style which is more practical, hygienic and less messy
Dr Hauschka: Lip Balm
I’ve been using this product for just under a year now and I looooove it!
Dr-Hauschka-Lip-Balm Lip-Balm-by-Dr-Hauschka
The good
  • Dr Hauschka skincare products are 100% natural and use organic ingredients.
  • Suitable for all skin types: Oily, Normal, Dry, Sensitive, Mature.
  • this products works amazingly for dry cracked lips – the effect is almost immediate! 
  • non-sticky light texture that melts on the lips
  • subtle smell of roses
The bad
  • you only get 4.5ml of product – seems quite steep to me!
  • expensive for the amount of product you get. I paid £11 at John Lewis but you may be able to get it cheaper online.
  • again not a fan of the packaging – plus this pot is so small that it makes it difficult to actually dip your finger in!
Eve Lom: Kiss Mix
I received this as a birthday present from SpaceNK so thank you to them! (all membership holders receive a present on their Bday and membership is free)
 Eve-Lom-Kiss-Mix Kiss-Mix-by-Eve-Lom
The good
  • a little goes a long way – so 7ml should last you a while.
  • contains menthol which creates a tingling sensation – makes me feel that it’s treating my lips – whilst also smelling minty fresh
  • works well for dry cracked lips
The bad
  • slightly thick texture so I’ve only been using it at night before bed.
  • dislike pot packaging
  • although I didn’t pay for it I would still say that it is expensive – for £14 you only get 7ml.
So it’s clear that Creme De la Mer is the most expensive of the three, but I worked out that if you were to have the same amount of product (15ml) in the other two lip balms, they certainly aren’t that much cheaper! Eve Lom would cost you £30 and more shockingly Dr Hauschka will set you back £36.67p – not very far off from Creme De La Mer!

With that said would I repurchase any of these?
I hate to admit it but probably Dr Hauschka’s Lip Balm and only because the results are almost instant, but I sure won’t be over generous with using it.
Watch out for a second instalment of lip balms to follow.
What’s your go-to lip balm(s)?