Lip BOOM by MUA Review

The four I chose where, Doin Good, VIBE, Bring It & Its A Situation.

First is ‘VIBE’..

This is the lipstick on its own, I love this one, nude but not too OTT nude if you know what I mean lol. Fab for everyday!


VIBE with the gloss over it, this gloss wasn’t too bad but I do prefer the lipstick o 5958 n its own.


Next is “Bring It”

This Is Bring It, Bright red! Fab but looks kind of pinky-ish on this pic, I have had better red lipsticks but for MUA and the price you pay.. FAB!

Bring It with the gloss over it, Again not too fussy it kinda takes the look off it I think, not a fan, maybe the glosses are better on their own.

Next, ‘Its A Situation’

I love this colour! Looks fabulous on it’s own don’t think it is an everyday colour really probably depends on your outfit etc etc etc…. but I love it


Its A Situation with the gloss, UGHHHH How cheap and just ughh I hate it and the gloss is so bitty on the lips, not liking these glosses one bit. The lipstick on its own is much better!

Last is ‘Doin Good’

With the gloss, now this one doesn’t look too bad with the gloss a very natural look but the feeling of it makes me sick! Hate the glosses hate hate hate them! They can be used as “highlighters” for the lips but my lips are so small it covers them all anyway LOL..


So they are the chosen 4, You can order them from the MUA website and they are only £3 each!

I could have taken better pics, was a bit rushed but anyway.. well let me know what you think, what is your fave?? Have you bought them??

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