Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Color Combos for Spring

Lilly Pulitzer has always been one of my favorite designers. I think her designs are always so pretty and her choice of colors is very fun and eccentric. Pulitzer has already had a number of collaborations with different brands and the most recent one that’s about to launch for spring this year is her collaboration with Target. In honor of that, here are some gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer inspired color combinations for spring that you can wear.

  • FUCHSIA AND TEAL – this color combo makes use of two highly contrasting colors, producing a look that’s ultra vibrant and super cute. Fuchsia and teal together make for the girliest girly look. It has a very springtime-y vibe to it that you will surely love but this color combo works well all year round, I gotta say.

teal and fuchsia outfit

teal and fuchsia

  • PINK AND GREEN – whenever I see the colors pink and green (especially hot pink and lime green) together, I always think of Lilly Pulitzer. Maybe it’s because of a Lilly Pulitzer agenda notebook that I’ve had before that came in this color combo or maybe it’s because the color combo is just so fun and out there. Pink and green is a color combo that you wouldn’t usually think of wearing together but you’d be surprised at how well it works out.

pink and green outfit pink and green retro dress pink and green

  • PINK, WHITE AND BLUE – this Lilly Pulitzer inspired color combo is one of my favorites for summertime. I think the crisp contrast between white and blue adds that summer-y sailor look and a touch of girly goodness. This would be a great color combo if you’re looking for something that you can use for a cute daytime look.

pink white and blue outfit pink white and blue

  • CORAL, BLUE AND YELLOW – if pink isn’t your color or if you simply want to take a break from this really girly color and you want to try something new, how about conjuring up an outfit by mixing and matching coral, blue and yellow together in one outfit? I know it may sound like a lot but these three colors actually work really well together in contrasting as well as balancing each other out.

coral blue and yellow coral yellow and blue] coral blue and yellow outfit

  • YELLOW, ORANGE AND PINK – on the other hand, if you want to stick to pink and make it even more girly and cute, you can always add shades of yellow and hues of orange into the mix. This color combo is not only fun and bright, it’s very tropical as well which is perfect for spring break and the coming summer season.

orange pink and yellow outfit orange pink and yellow orange pink yellow

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