Lidia Frolova: Art-Inspired Fashion Style

Nowadays, the lines get blurred between fashion and art and the result is walking the art-inspired clothing. Since art-inspired clothing dominated the streets, you don’t need to visit an art gallery to see some of the most beautiful paintings around. It’s like you’re already walking around wearing a piece of art. As fabulous and expressive as this style is, it can seem difficult to translate into everyday life. So, let’s have an artistic style inspiration first to figure out how to nail this very interesting fashion style.

Living in Moscow, Russia, Lidia Frolova described her personal style as artistic, feminine, and elegant. Created her blog in 2012, Gvozdishe serves as her portfolio and virtual diary of showcasing her artistic style through art-inspired ensembles such as dresses, skirts, bags, shoes, and pants. Lidia loves to dress up by mixing her interesting outfits creatively. And sometimes, she looks like a walking masterpiece with beauty and elegance.

Artistic prints are a more creative way to express yourself through your style. Artistic prints differ from regular prints through details such as brushstrokes, sceneries, portraits, paint blots, watercolors, sculptural, and pop-art motifs. You can dress them up or dress them down and still remain as true statement pieces.

floral dress

floral matching top and shorts floral pink bag 1. floral pink top floral shirt pink floral top in yellow pants

If you love flowers, then sport an art-inspired floral outfit. Like Lidia, you may wear a floral dress in an artistic print that gives a ladylike and blossoming touch. You may also wear matching suit and shorts in floral art and pair it with neutral shoes. A floral shirt like what’s Lidia’s wearing can be sported with a blazer or shorts to polish the perfect look. Just as you would with a floral, keep the accessories simple. She wears hats and sunglasses to simplify the look. Or, you may sport an art-inspired floral bag too.

painted necklace pine tree top portrait skirt scenery skirt ship yard scenery

Ranging from artistic sceneries and photographed portraits, these tendencies also have their say in creating the most artistic and masterpiece-like ensembles. Like Lidia, you may creatively wear artistic tops such as pine tree sketch and shipyard teamed with a solid skirt and printed pants. And wearing painting-like scenery skirt and portrait dress instantly gets you into the spotlight. Just finish the look with a floppy hat and a stylish necklace even a painted one like what Lidia is wearing.

castle inspired skirt structural castle

Also, you may incorporate a sculpture inspired styles like castles, buildings, landmarks, and such to your ensembles. Try to choose a voluminous skirt that has dramatic and sculptural paintings like Lidia’s. With a sculptural painted skirt, you want your art influenced piece to be the center of attention. This suggests you must let your accessories such as handbag and shoes be more muted. Just polish your look with a color complementing sling bag and accessories such as sunglasses and hats.tiger animal topbees prints on dress wolf shirt flying bird prints flamingo bag deer painting sweater bird print in a dress bird painting top

If you’d love to bring animal prints to a new level, then wear an animal painted ensemble. Creative outfits such as tiger face on a tank top, bee prints on a dress, bird illustrations on tops and skirts, deer portrait on a sweater, and even a fierce wolf on a shirt are the interesting styles Lidia are fond of wearing. If a full-fledged, animal portrait skirt seems too daunting for you, try a bag in a bold animal illustration such as flamingoes on a backpack lie Lidia’s. It allows your style to have an artistic element without being too bold. Pair them with anything and everything in your wardrobe for a wild, untamed, and carefree look.

It’s time to channel your love for fashion and art into art-inspired clothing. Wear your artistic pieces creatively and you’ll likely turn heads that people see a walking masterpiece!

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