Lessons in Style to Learn from Mindy Lahiri

Mindy Lahiri is the lead character in the hit TV series “Project Mindy”. Mindy Lahiri, played by Mindy Kaling, is an OB-Gyn who works at Shulman’s Women’s Health Association. She is a top doctor in her field. She’s funny, she’s smart and she has a great sense of style, too! In fact, we’re addicted to the series not just because we love seeing the light-hearted story but also because we know there’s always something in store for us fashionphiles in every episode. Here are some lessons in style to learn from Mindy Lahiri and apply in real life dressing.

  • LEARN TO DRESS YOUR BODY TYPE – Mindy isn’t exactly a size 0 as many women aspire to be yet she still looks fab in whatever she’s wearing and the secret to achieving that is knowing how to dress your body type.

mindy lahiri

red leather jacket and plaid dress fabulous outfit

  • SAY YES TO MIXED PRINTS – print mixing is a trend that has truly come so far. From safe combinations like polka dots and stripes to rather bold ones like tiger print and zebra in the same outfit, this trend is indeed something that you should at least try before you say no to. Mixing prints has gotten easier over time as the general rules started to fade and stylistas started to mix prints to their hearts’ content.

mixed prints outfit stylish outfit

  • INVEST IN STYLISH COATS – coats are great for keeping you warm but they’re even greater for keeping you from looking like a slob, even on the laziest of days. You can literally be in your sweats and a hole-y shirt but still look street style snap worthy after putting a gorgeous coat on as the coat will cover up and makeup for the unforgiving outfit you have underneath.

fab coat mixed prints

  • THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS OVERDRESSING – have you ever put on an outfit and think, right at the last minute before leaving the house, that you might be a little overdressed for the errand / occasion – whatever it may be – that you’re going to? Well, Mindy Lahiri thinks otherwise. Whether it’s for a date or for her rounds at the hospital, Mindy is always impeccably dressed. In fact, she’s stylin’ even before she hits the sack which proves that there is no such thing as being overdressed.

fab outfit leopard print heels huge floral print dress

  • EMBRACE COLORS – neutrals are great and black can be really slimming and flattering but those colors tend to be boring as well. If you often find yourself reaching for these, stop, take it from Mindy and grab the brightest, most colorful pieces you have in your closet and wear those instead.

bright and colorful outfit dr mindy lahiri

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