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Lee Stafford Beach BaBe sea salt spray review

Lee Stafford Beach BaBe sea salt spray review:

When I get out of the sea, I’m always in love with my big wavy hair, and I’ve always wished that my hair looked like it did after surfing all of the time.

I’ve tried salt sprays before but haven’t been very impressed with the greasy, un-surfy hair it’s given me.
I’m a big fan of Lee Stafford products so when i noticed this on offer i of course bought it…and I love it!Lee Stafford Beach BaBe sea salt spray 1

It smells amazing, like all Lee stafford products, the packaging is simple but funky.
The next day my hair does feel dry, but it is a “salt” spray and my hair feels a million times drier when i’ve got out of the actual sea so I can’t complain!


My hair has always been thin and pretty flat, but this gives it texture, volume and the waves that I long to permanently have, I love the messy look and I don’t like my hair to be tidy unless it has to be. I would most definately buy this again, in fact i already have, 3 more, you gotta snap up the offers whilst they last! Not that i needed 3 more as I’m still on my first bottle which I’ve had for a few months now, but it will be there, ready and I like to keep one in my bag just incase.

Lee Stafford Beach BaBe sea salt spray

this is my hair using the Lee Stafford Beach BaBe sea salt spray
How I use sea salt spray for hair..
I use it in different ways, if i wash my hair before bed I spray the product in when it’s air dried a little and then i put it in pigtail plaits which gives me more defined waves but in the morning i will pull my fingers through it to loosen it.
Sometimes when my hair is dry i will just spray it in and scrunch my hair.
If  i’m doing a messy top know i will just spray it in the ends.
Makes my hair look a lot fuller, I’m in Love with Lee Stafford Beach BaBe sea salt spray , thank you for this amaze balls product, i would recommend it 100%
Katie X