Layering Basics You Shouldn’t be Without

Since fall is going to be the start of colder days, we’re saying goodbye to lightweight and easy dressing and hello to chunky knits, layers and all things cozy and warm. Layering is a technique that allows you to pile on piece after piece to get the right look as well as the warmth that you need to battle the cold weather outdoors. Many women try to stay away from layering because they fear that it will make them look chunkier and bigger but as long as you know how to layer right, you’re sure to look fab. Here are some layering basics you shouldn’t be without now that the cold season is coming.

  • Tank top – on days when it’s not really freezing cold outside but you still need a layer or two of clothes on, a tank top would make a good base. You can wear anything over a tank top and,  if it’s a proper-fitting one, it won’t even make a difference in your silhouette. I personally love wearing tank tops underneath sweaters with deep necklines. They’re warmer than camisoles and they’re much more comfy, too.

basic white tank top

tank top layered outfit white tank top and blazer

  • Vest – early fall isn’t really going to be very cold just yet so a jacket may be unnecessary. If you still want to get a bit of warmth from your clothes, though, you might want to consider going for a vest instead. Vests go great with just about anything, from tank tops to shirts to long sleeved blouses. It’s a great piece to wear if you want something really casual and easy.

bright red vest fur vest and sweater navy puffy vest

  • Collared shirt – even if you’re not specifically into the preppy look, a collared shirt is something you should have at all times in your closet in case you want to do some layering. Sure, you can just wear a plain shirt underneath that sweater but you and I both know it won’t look that good. A collared shirt just gives more form and structure to the look.

collared shirt and sweater fall layers with collred shirt printed sweater and collared shirt

  • Skinny jeans – any kind of jeans would work well during the colder seasons but if you’re planning on layering and really making your legs feel warmer, go for skinnies. Skinny jeans fit better inside boots. They’re warmer than just leggings and leg warmers look much cuter when worn on top of skinny jeans as well.

lace up boots and jeans rainboots and jeans outfit colored skinny jeans

  • Sweater dress – a sweater dress is a true must-have in any woman’s closet come fall. You can wear it on its own on days when it’s not too cold but you can also wear leggings underneath or a jacket or coat on top of it when the temps start to drop. You can also layer it with a vest if you need just a little bit of warmth.

sweater derss and boots sweater dress and scarf layered sweater dress

  • Tights – tights are great for layering when you want to wear short dresses, skirts or shorts but don’t want your legs to be freezing from the cold weather. Wear it underneath skirts, shorts and dresses to make your legs feel warmer so you can comfortably get on with your day in style.

black tights white dress tights and dress tights and shorts



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