Lauren Conrad’s Best Halloween Looks

Halloween’s just a month away, have you figured out who / what you’re going as this year yet? The great thing about Halloween nowadays is that you don’t have to sport a scary, gross, morbid, gore costume if you don’t want to. Unlike before, you can now dress up as a cute fairy, a pretty princess, a sexy sailor or whatever else it is that you like that isn’t the least bit spooky. In fact, Halloween has become one of the best excuses for bringing out your 5-year-old self and playing dress up to your heart’s content. And what better way to look for Halloween costume inspiration than from celebs, right? Let’s start off with one of the most fashionable ladies in Hollywood: Lauren Conrad. Here are some of Lauren Conrad’s best Halloween looks from over the years.

  • Girly ghost – if you’re up for a scary but still girly costume this Halloween, why not go for the same ghostly look that Lauren Conrad did back in 2012? What does a ghost wear, you ask? Well, something ripped, shredded and distressed, apparently, if you base it on other Halloween costumes but what made LC’s costume stand out is the enormous bow on her ghost costume head. It’s a fun and girly twist to a scary look. As for makeup, just use you non-dominant hand and get heavy with dark eye shadows and pale lipstick.

ghost costume

ghost with a bow

  • Tooth fairy – now, if you want to go all out on the girly look, here’s something you might want to recreate: Lauren Conrad’s tooth fairy look. Lauren wore a very voluminous gray / taupe-ish tulle dress but you can wear any fairy dress you have, really, because what matters most in this look is the sack. You know, for carrying all the children’s teeth around in. It’s a really cute and kid-friendly costume that you can wear if you’re going to a Halloween party with kids. Oh, and don’t forget the wings. All fairies have wings.

Lauren Conrad arrives at a Halloween party in Hollywood tooth fairy costume

  • Mary Poppins – for those of you out there who are looking for a classic look to recreate this Halloween, get inspired by Lauren Conrad’s take on Mary Poppins. This jazzy, snazzy costume is perfect if you don’t want anything too ‘costume-y’. This is something everyone can easily and surely pull off.

lauren conrad as mary poppins mary poppins costume

  • Minnie Mouse – want something that will really bring out your inner kid? How about going to this year’s Halloween party as Minnie Mouse? Lauren obviously chose to rock the vintage Minnie Mouse look with that white and red polka dot dress, frilly socks and Mary Janes but if you can definitely do the more modern version if you’re looking for something more colorful. We kind of like the vintage Minnie look, though, to be honest. Make sure to complete your look with a matching bow and Minnie ears, too.

vintage minnie mouse look

  • Flapper – this last look is by far the best, in my opinion, and the most appropriate for Lauren Conrad. For Halloween 2008, Lauren was dressed up as a flapper, a fashionista from the 1920’s, and she came complete with a headdress and a boa! If you’re looking for a showstopper, this costume is for you.

flapper costume lauren conrad gorgeous flapper outfit flapper costume head shot

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