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Laura Geller Inkwell Gel Liner Duo Black and Purple Review

My resolution to blog more often continues!
Today I am bringing you a review of a new product from beauty innovator Laura Geller!
1 Laura Geller waterproof gel eyeliners
With a goal to create another beauty must-have, Laura Geller recently released a line of waterproof gel eyeliners. I was generously gifted two of the Inkwell Liners to review! Keep on reading!
2  Black and Purple LINER
I received the liner shades in “Black” and “Purple”, nothing ambiguous about these names!
I have been a new user of gel liner, and I know just as well as anyone else that sometimes it can be hard to work with. Everything from the steady hand to what you apply it with matters greatly.
One of my favorite looks is a nice bare neutral eye with a gorgeous black liner to make my eyes pop, so I am always experimenting with liners, and finding my favorites!
3 the applicator
The packaging of the Laura Geller Inkwell Gel Liners is quite unique. First of all, they do still come in a normal glass pot, but they have a unique “cone” top that houses a small applicator. Although this seems great to have your product and tool all in one, I am not the biggest fan of the brush. It is rather large and applies a rather thick line to your eyes. Sometimes a thick black liner is beautiful, but if you are aiming for a less dramatic look, I would suggest sticking to a smaller eye liner brush
4 the liner inside
5 purple liner
The liners themselves are wonderfully creamy and have great staying power, although I do have one complaint…
6 swatches
As you can see from the swatch above, the purple gel liner’s pigmentation is next to none. I had to drag the brush and dip it several times, and you can still see my skin showing through the swatch. However, the black does seem to have excellent pigmentation, although I do notice that it smudges easily, so be careful if you apply eye drops or rub your eyes throughout the day.

Overall I think that I will definitely be loving the Inkwell Liner in Black, but I will pass for now on the Purple!

If you are interested in looking at the Inkwell Gel Liners, or any of the other amazing Laura Geller products, please visit her website for more information!

What are your favorite gel liners?
What do you use to create that sexy cat eye?