Laura Ellner: Stylish Ways to Wear Hats

Nothing’s more stunning than wearing statement hats as they can undoubtedly enhance your outfits making them chic and cool. From fedoras to beanies and everything in between, hats are on top this summer season. They are excellent for all cover-up reasons such as covering up your bad hair day, providing you shield from the sizzling sun, and giving you some shade for your red eyes from a happy hour gone long. But more than that, they are also a perfect way to accessorize and convey your fashion style. Sporting a hat can take a lot of courage at first as you are likely to feel everyone is staring at you. So, let’s have an inspiration from a style blogger on how to nail wearing hats this summer.

Born and bred in California, Laura Ellner is the mind behind the blog On the Racks. In her blog, she shares her love for shoes, fashion, summer, and adventure. Besides being a style blogger, Laura spent most of her younger years as a competitive gymnast that helped her realize the value of self-discipline and hard work. Laura is a fan of hats as we can see on her stunning photos.

elegant fedora hat  with summer dress

fedora  hat + blouse and slacks fedora  hat outfit with boots yellow hat , summer outfit summer cycling outfit with fedora hatfedora hat and summer dress

There are a lot of ways to style a hat whether a casual look, sporty cool look, or an elegant look. It relies on the look you’re striving to get, but a hat can be incorporated to just about any style and will bring some statement to the style as well. For a great start, try a small hat, cap, or even a beanie. Smaller brimmed hats are much simpler to wear, but the large brimmed hats are so fun.

leather baseball cap outfit gray  beanie outfit cute blue pom pom beanie black beanie  , flared denim

Wearing a baseball cap or a beanie with a pair of sneakers, shirt, and denim jeans is a perfect casual look. It’s necessary to keep your looks balanced when sporting a hat you don’t intend to look as if the attire is overdone. To alter the beanie from a childhood accessory to a classy fashion statement, stay with trendy styles and put on the hat in a way that highlights your style rather than mere functionality. A great approach to keep your style looking trendy and stylish is to pick a beanie that complements the color of your jacket.

straw hat with maxi dress straw hat summer look fedora hat with dress black fedora hat fedora  hat with cape

If you’re being dressed in something formal, try wearing a fedora hat or wide brimmed straw hat which is perfect for a more elegant look. If you are seeking to bring a little touch of mystique to your style, cock your hat down over one eye for a stunning look. Wide brimmed hats can be absolutely alluring with a fashionable dress for a late-afternoon tea, or trousers and a shirt for the marketplace. A straw fedora hat is even great just for a hot summer time worn with cutoffs or cute tanks. Match with heels or boots and you’ve got a bit more of a formal look. And if you would like a color, prefer for a classic color, like crimson or azure, and pick a jewel tone or a daring color without gravitating toward neon tones.

Don’t consider a hat as just coverage for your head. Consider of it as an accessory that becomes the focal point of any outfit. By wearing the right outfits with the proper hats, it can take your style to the next level. This summer, keep the rest of your outfit simple, for your hats to make its own statement.


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