Last Minute Summer Trends to Try

Though we’re almost into fall, we still have a good few weeks of summer left and while you may have already had enough of the beach and the lazy afternoons, I’m pretty sure you still haven’t gone tired of trying out new trends, especially when it comes to beauty and fashion. If you’re still up for a few beauty and fashion adventures before the season ends, check out these last minute summer trends to try out.

perfect summer outfit

  • Bright orange lips – stop your search for the perfect dark fall lipstick for a while and get back to the bright and cheery summer makeup trend that is bold, bright orange lips. What’s so great about wearing orange lips is that anyone can pull it off, just like red lipstick. Of course, you’ll want to take the time to really find a shade of orange that will make you look brilliant and glowing but just orange lipstick in general is so easy to pull off you wouldn’t want to let this trend pass without trying it out!

bright orange lip orange lips for summer orange summer lip

  • Neon colors – last chance at sporting everything bright and bold so you might as well take it! Neon has been so big this summer, it’s crazy! I know a lot of you out there are still not sure about sporting crazy bright colors but, hey, summer’s almost over so why not at least give it one shot, even if it’s just one tiny neon piece like a neon clutch or a neon necklace.

neon accents outfit neon pink accessories

  • Messy braids – prim braids are no fun unless you’re wearing it to work or something. Even then, it needs a little something to make it look more exciting. For a truly summery braided look, forget about perfecting your braids and let it get rumpled up and messy. Better yet, make it intentionally rumpled up and messy. Pull out of a few strands here and there, maybe back comb your hair before getting to the braiding part, skip the hair brush and finger comb instead – these are just some of the ways you can get perfectly imperfect braids.

blonde rumpled bradis messy summer braids rumpled braids hairstyle

  • Crop tops – you may be the kind who likes to wear crop tops all year round but nothing says summer more than baring a bit more skin and wearing crop tops on their own without any sort of layer for warmth. Go ahead and let the world see that midsection you’ve been working on. Wear your crop top with cut off shorts or jeans for the ultimate summer street style look or wear it with something more refined like a pencil skirt.

off the shoulder crop top v shaped crop top hipster crop top

  • Body art – in case you missed it, body art is so happening this summer and it’s not too late to get one! Sure, your boss may not approve of it or your school may reprimand you if you’re seen with one but you can get clever and have your tattoos places somewhere covered, right? Your rib cage, for example, is a great place to get these temporary body art tattoos. They’re all covered up at work but they’re perfectly visible once you get that crop top on.

summer body art gold and silver flash tattoo flash tattoo

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