Last Minute Fashion Gift Items Any Fashion Girl is Guaranteed to Love

So, it’s a few days before Christmas and you realize you’re not even halfway done with your list! Could things get any worse? Well, actually they can and it’s not knowing these people’s sizes. Can you imagine seeing something you know for sure they’d like but then remember that you don’t know what size they are? To save you from all the stress, we’ve compiled a list of last minute fashion gift items any fashion girl is guaranteed to love. The best thing about these is that they don’t require you to know their sizes at all! Because, let’s be honest, when you have more people in your list that your fingers could count, keeping track of sizes is difficult.

  • HAIR ACCESSORIES – any fashion girl would appreciate a cute hair ornament any day so if you’re looking for something your fashion-obsessed friend is sure to love that won’t break your bank either, start hunting for cute hair accessories. On a tight budget? Why not make them instead? You can personalize each one to give out which is even better.

boho style headband

gorgeous hair chain dainty and elegant hair accessory

  • SUNGLASSES – sunnies are one of your safest bets when it comes to a one-size-fits-all kind of present. Everybody uses them all year round – how can you go wrong with that? Not sure what style to get your friend? Wayfarers and aviators are universally flattering so you can bank on those.

classic black cat eye sunglasses gold framed wayfarers floral mirrored sunnies round vintage sunnies

  • PHONE CASE – phone cases are more than just for protecting your phone, they’ve become a part of any outfit, too, and a fashion statement, too. You can get phone cases that suit every style. In fact, you can even have them personalized / customized for your friend or yourself. And, as long as you know what kind of phone your friend has, you can get them one.

yonce phone case pink phone case moschino iphone 5 cover

  • STAPLE WINTER ACCESSORIES – the great thing about accessories is that you can get most of them even without knowing sizes plus there are just so many different kinds and styles and designs to choose from. Staple winter accessories like scarves, gloves and beanies always make great presents, last minute or not.

leather lips gloves colorful scarf veil beanie

  • JEWELRY – another safe bet when it comes to last minute gifts is jewelry. You just can’t go wrong with this one. Gold, silver or rose gold, you ask? If you’re not sure which one your friend likes better or looks better in, why not go for something three-toned?

silver and rhinestones jewelry pearl ear cuff gold accessories edgy jewelry

  • GIFT CARD – if you know that your friend loves to shop for all things chic and stylish and you know nothing makes them smile like new clothes but you don’t know what their size is, let them do the shopping themselves and just give them a gift card at their favorite store.

h&m gift card nordstrom card vs gift card

  • COFFEE TABLE BOOK – fashion goes beyond clothing, we all know that. If you’re looking for non-clothing and non-accessory items to give to your fashion-obsessed friend, why not get her a coffee table book? She’ll love it and you just know it’ll fit right in her home. Here are a few top choices for the best fashion coffee table books. 

coffee table book favorites coffee table books fashion books stacked up


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