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Lady Godiva Chocolate Scented Candle Review

Pleasant day ladies! My review of the Chocolate Scented Candles by Godiva is here!

Godiva chocolates have absolutely no link to Coventry whatsoever as I believe they are made in the states, but they do use Lady Godiva as their logo and are amongst the most divine chocolates you will ever eat! Recently when in TK Maxx (I do love that shop!) I discovered Godiva chocolate scented candles going for around a fiver each so I picked one up which smells like chocolate mint and I love it! It sits by my bed and as you can see I haven’t yet used it – that’s because I’m afraid that if I do I might never find another one again! Even without being lit it smells so chocolatey in my room, and I actually find it’s such a good way to get the chocolate fix without even eating any! Strange, I know but it seems to work for me. I’m not sure how much these beauties normally cost but at a fiver in TK Maxx I’m always keeping an eye out for more; other scents I’ve discovered from Godiva are white chocolate truffle and dark chocolate mmmmm…


Chocolate Scented Candles by Lady Godiva