Ladies Who Lunch

Every month or so, my aunt hosts a ladies’ lunch. There is always a different theme or guest of honor – this weekend, it was the departure of the current UNWA president – and you might remember the last lunch I attended. It’s always a very elegant occasion and I have a difficult time coming up with outfits that are suitably dressy and mature. This is what I ended up wearing…



Last week, Rachel Phipps wrote a blog post entitled: What is the Point of Outfit Posts? Personally, I love reading blogs that regularly feature outfit posts, and I have found that documenting my own outfits has proven really helpful to me. For example, in one of my ‘a year ago today’ features, I posted the very same sequin skirt that I’m wearing in this post. It reminded me that I had this skirt in my closet. However, I didn’t want to style it in the exact same way that I had worn it the previous two times, so I quickly checked my archives and made sure to pair it with a different top and accessories.



This pose reminds me of Lauren!



Instead of spending the afternoon having intellectual conversations with brilliant women, I opted instead to run around with my little cousins, which I thoroughly enjoyed!



Wearing ASOS satin-sleeve top, Oasis sequin skirt, Oasis gemstone heels.

Diet update for those of you asking how I’m faring: I followed the detox diet for about a week and felt absolutely amazing. I had tons of energy, I felt slimmer (and lost a kg), and I didn’t feel guilty every time I sat down to a meal because I knew I was eating something nourishing and good for me. Over the weekend, I gave myself a bit of a break and allowed myself to go crazy on the junk food I love – chips, pizza, ice cream, white rice – and I have to say, these foods did not make me feel good at all. Last night, I had pizza which made me feel bloated and cramped. When I eat brown rice for lunch, I am full for hours afterwards. When I eat white rice, a couple of hours later I am already hungry. With my previous eating habits, I was constantly hungry and constantly eating unhealthy foods to satiate that hunger. I won’t ban myself from eating these foods because that will make me crave them more, but I am realising the negative effects they have on my body. My verdict: I will continue eating wholegrains and vegetables and ‘kind’ foods, but I’ll allow myself to have a coffee or a piece of chocolate as a treat once in a while.

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