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Lactic Acid Chemical Peel Review

Hello beauties here is my Lactic Acid Chemical Peel Review!

I’ve loved chemical peels ever since I saw how amazing those people on Extreme Makeover looked after it. I thought – “so what if your skin is red and falling off! You will have perfect skin in a week!” I haven’t actually ever gone to a beauty therapist to have this done because 1) it costs £50-£150 for a weak course and all the way up to £2000 for an Extreme Makeover 2) it looks darn painful. And I am so sensitive.

lactic acid chemical peel 1

But then, I thought – “Why don’t I order it online?” So I did. I picked Lactic acid which is the mildest form of chemical peel and at 20% I felt safe that it wouldn’t do any harm. There are several types of peels, like salicylic acid and glycholic acid. One of the strongest one is glycholic acid and is used by beauty therapists. This acid can be highly dangerous if it is too concentrated and can burn holes in the skin – much like most acids.

I wondered if I should try the 50% lactic acid but I’ve weighed and measured pros and cons and decided that if I ever want to go strong I’ll visit a qualified salon – this is one face not to be jeopardised!

Anyway, so how did the lactic acid work on me?