Kristina Bazan: Sophisticated Ways to Wear Oversized Earrings

Whether you choose the bright ones, with feathers, or elegant and classy pair, the bigger the better is this season’s trend when it comes to all jewelry. Though they will spice up any outfit, make your eyes pop, and even dress up your casual hair-do for a more flattering look, wearing oversized earrings can be a bit daunting because they are so close to your face. If you’re looking for inspiration, let’s have a cue on Kayture fashion blogger Kristina Bazan on how she sophisticatedly wears oversized earrings to brighten up her day.

casual chic outfit with oversized earrings

simple dress with statement earrings sweater with statement accessories vintage outfit with statement earrings

Oversized earrings are statement accessories that can spice up your most basic outfits. Like Kristina, you may opt for a pair of metallic silver earrings with your navy-colored outfit just to add some interest to your looks without looking over-the-top. If you’re wearing an off-white vintage dress or even a cream tweed sweater, like Kristina, add a pop of color with oversized earrings in gold shades. This way, you won’t need to look for any statement accessories like shoes, bag, hat, sunglasses, or belt as the oversized earrings will do the trick for you.

chanel earrings with polka dots dress lace top and silk skirt with chic earrings oversized earrings with statement coat red dress with cute earrings

To wear the co-ord trend, you may match the color of your oversized earrings with the color of your outfit to make them look coordinating. If you plan to wear a sexy red dress, instead of just opting for metallic earrings, you may look for ones with a touch of red even in small amounts just to complement your outfit. Patterns and prints are a great reference for the color of your oversized earrings too. Like Kristina, you may go for an oversized dangling earrings or a stud one whichever that makes you stylish without compromising comfort.

gold accessories with yellow dress and pastel coat gold and turquoise jewelry Indian outfit with jewelry silver jewelry set

Though mixing metals and jewel tones altogether became a major trend nowadays, wearing a matching set of jewelry looks timeless and classic. Like Kristina, you may opt for a jewelry set that complements the mood of your outfit whether you wish to look traditional, glamorous, sexy, simple, or even vintage. If you don’t have a set of jewelry, you may stick with the same metals in your outfit like wearing gold earrings with gold bracelets, or silver cuffs with silver earrings.

earrings with sequin outfit holiday party outfit with statement jewelry oversized earrings with metallic dress

If you wish to spice up your already glamorous look, go for the oversized earrings that complement or contrast your theme to make it looks more festive and party-ready. Instead of wearing oversized earrings in silver, you may go for gold ones to add some contrast to your red outfit, black metallic outfit, or even classic-colored sequin outfit. This way, you make your party outfit more statement making and fabulous. Like Kristina, be bold in showcasing your style and personality with oversized earrings. After all, our style defines our personality and individuality through the clothes we’re wearing.

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