Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter Review

Persephone Pomegranate seeds. Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter

Everytime I come across pomegranates, which to be fair isn’t especially often, I cannot help but think of the ancient Greek myth of  abduction of Demeter’s daughter, Persephone, by Hades, god of the underworld. Demeter, the goddess of crops and the harvest was devastated by the loss of her daughter forbade the trees and plants to grow. Eventually, Zeus, king of the gods, ordered Hades to let Persephone return from the Underworld. On her return, it transpired that Persephone had eaten the seed of a pomegranate during her abduction and now spends a third of every year in the underworld as the wife of Hades, during which time, no crops or harvest grow resulting in winter. Call it the Classics geek enthusiast within me (that’s what you get when you study it for three years at University – let that be a lesson to you), but I have always loved this story and it is now the basis for a rather tenuous link to Korres’ Pomegranate Lip Butter. Happily, and unlike dear old Persephone, when using this, you won’t be destined to months of misfortune in the underworld.

Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter

Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter is a wonderfully luxuriant lip butter providing care and hydration to lips and giving a tinted, shiny finish. The inclusion of shea butter and rice wax means that this is a seriously hardworking lip butter and with use, lips feel soft, smooth and healthy. This lip butter becomes even more saintly with its list of banished ingredients and is free from silicone, mineral oil, propylene glycol and ethanolamine (it’s a science and classics lesson in one today).

Korres Pomegranate lip butter 2 Korres Pomegranate lip butter 3 korres pomegranate lip butter 4

Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter gives a beautiful tint to lips. The deep red in the pot softens to a subtle cool red with pink undertones on the lips and gives a elegant shine making this a perfect choice for daily wear. The colour staying power is impressive but be warned! Don’t apply this with a heavy hand as the tint can stain and if you miss your lips, you can end up resembling Coco the Clown – believe me, I’ve been there and as someone with a phobia of clowns, this is not ideal.

So how does it compare to MAC’s Tinted Lip Conditioner (you can read my review here)? Well I adore MAC’s Tinted Lip Conditioner and I do prefer the fuschia shade to Korres’ Lip Butter, not to mention the added addition of SPF. Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter is a good, cheaper alternative.
Priced at £6, this is available from Feel Unique.

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