Kimono with denim shorts

I Need Your Love.Here is my kimono outfit with denim shorts!

One word for you: S-U-N-N-Y.
England has (finally) decided to get it’s act together and shower us Brits in the most beautifully scorching sun ever. And so, of course, I pulled a few poses in my garden for the likes of you people. Because I’m just so considerate.
Kimono: Charity Shop // Dorothy Perkins
Vest: H&M
Shorts: DIY
I promise one of these days I will actually get a tan. Hopefully. Maybe. My parents tan so easily, so it’s just painful that I remain pretty much trans 7000 lucent. Sad times. I cut these shorts myself, grabbing an old pair of jeans from a charity shop and cutting them to the right size, then fraying the edges for a more worn-in feel. For about £2.50 and a few hours of work, who can complain?
Hello, my name’s Erica and I’m a walking Festival Cliché. 
Kimono; check. Vintage-esque denim shorts; check. Slouchy vest; check. All I need now is a flower crown, some Hunter wellies and I’m sorted. Not that I’m complaining; I absolutely adore the laid-back, effortlessly put together mis-match Festival vibe. Just getting over the fact that I didn’t go to Glastonbury this year, channelling my sadness into my outfit. As you do.
I was actually lusting after a kimono for quite a while, having spotted a few girls wearing them on their blogs, and so I set out to find the perfect one. As luck would have it, I couldn’t find one for love nor money. And then I waltzed into a little charity shop, et voila. Une kimono. (Read: I do not know a single word in French, other than monkey. Le singe.) 
£2.50, brand new from Dorothy Perkins, and a gorgeous, oriental floral pattern? Yes please. I seem to remember doing a little victory dance when I bought it, if I remember correctly.
I think kimono with shorts is really on trend, just check out  these trendy  looks below !
kimono-with-shorts-1 kimono-with-shorts. kimono-with-shorts . kimono-with-shorts- kimono-with-shorts - kimono-with-short kimono-with-short.
I hope you’re all making good use of the gorgeous weather!
How would you style the Kimono? 


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