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Kiehl’s Calendula Toner Review

Hello pretties here is my Kiehl’s Calendula Toner Review!

While in London a few months ago I found myself in the Oxford Street Selfridges, I know a lot of bloggers gravitate towards the beauty hall I however am not one of those bloggers instead the beauty hall is just the quickest route to get to the food hall, that’s where you’ll find me in Selfridges.
On this particular dash for a dozen box of  kripsy kreme to devour in the hotel room the Kiehl’s concession caught my eye. I’ve read many a Kiehl’s review and have been recommended it a fair few times, it was quiet enough to have a look around and I started to browse all the magical lotions and potions.

1 Kiehl's Calendula Toner

2 Calendula Toner Kiehl's

I sat down with a lovely sales assistant, I wish I could remember her name because she was super nice and incredibly helpful, we discussed my skin type, even though exploring London had melted my face a skin test told her that my skin was very much on the dry side, this didn’t concern me too much as I knew it was almost time to transition into my winter skincare routine.
I explained to her that my main problem I have with my skin is the spots that have taken up residence on my face, she then asked if I had any kind of antibacterial treatments in my daily routine, I didn’t but I really should have and now do!
It’s alcohol free which is a huge plus as it won’t make your skin feel dry or irritated, it’s made using whole flowers and herbal extracts hence the weird bits floating around at the bottom, the main butt kicking ingredients are:
Calendula – an oil extract from a marigold flower and is used for it’s soothing properties
Allantoin – a natural chemical compound, used for fighting bacteria, soothing and reducing inflammation
Great Burdock – contains properties that help improve dry skin

I’ve been using this toner everyday since mid September and it really has kicked some butt, it’s helped soothe existing spots, making them look less angry and feel less painful. It doesn’t work miracles on existing spots but you can tell it’s doing something and that’s all I need from it, a ‘lil help!.
I’ve found it most effective at stopping even more breakouts from happening, the amount of new spots moving in on prime facial real estate is a lot less and when the odd one rears it’s ugly head I know that this toner has my back.

£34 for a 250ml bottle is a little on the pricey side for me personally but I do plan to repurchase, it adds a whole new level of ‘clean’ to my routine which I’m kinda a little bit pissed at myself for not realising I needed in the first place, nonetheless I’m glad it’s in my life now!