Key Summer Pieces that Flaunt your Best Features

This summer, the trend is to bare your best body parts. While you might be ashamed of some, you might be very proud of the others. Show these off with the help of key summer pieces that flaunt your best features.

Shoulders and Neck

If you have a long neck and stunning shoulders, you will be glad to know that there are many key summer pieces that can flaunt your nice features. The best example is the off-shoulder top, which comes in a variety of styles, colors, and designs.

off shoulder jumpsuit

off shoulder dress

Adhering to the ‘balance’ theory of fashion, key summer pieces should be worn with the right bottoms. If you have a looser, peasant off-shoulder top, then go for skinny jeans, leggings, or short shorts. But if you have a tight-fitting off-shoulder top, know that it will look good with an A-line skirt or wide-leg pants.

white off shoulder top

Another good piece that will showcase your neck and shoulders is a one-shoulder top. Truly elegant, such key summer pieces are good options for a nightcap or a bachelorette party with friends.

one shoulder dressone shoulder top


With the temps climbing to the 70’s, it is but natural for most ladies to show off their arms. And if you have to-die for arms, then it is essential that you show them off for the world to see!

lace tube top white crop top

While a tube top or sleeveless top are key summer pieces, another thing you should consider is the racerback top. Choose one with an armhole that bares a lot of skin. By wearing this top, you could emphasize your great long arms.

racerback dress


Do you have to-die for gams? Well then, make sure to expose them with key summer pieces. While short shorts and mini skirts are great options, another thing you should consider is a midi skirt with a sexy slit. It is a good way to show your legs without worrying about exposing your bum as you pick up something from the ground.

denim shorts outfit yellow miniskirt

midi skirt with slit

Do remember that showing your legs goes beyond picking the right bottoms. The right shoes make for key summer pieces as well. So if you want to make your legs look more amazing, wear high heels. It is imperative that you find ones with the right height. By wearing high heels, your calf muscles are tensed, making them look sexier and longer.

nude heels

The style of your high heels can dictate the looks of your legs as well. You don’t want to destroy the look of your kilometric gams, so make sure to wear key summer pieces with thin ankle straps.

thin strap heels

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