Kevin Murphy Color Bug review

My Ultraviolet locks and  Kevin Murphy  Color Bug  in pink and purple review :

As much as I enjoy dressing up in the corporate world, one restriction that annoys me is adhering to boringly appropriate hair colours. Crazy shades require a bleach-and-colour-combo, which isn’t easy to hide when Monday morning strikes again. Lucky for me though, there is a solution!I first read about Kevin Murphy Color Bug in Vogue Australia. It’s a chalk-like product that you rub against your hair, allowing even the craziest of colours for a night out. The colours looked great against the model’s blonde hair, and internet research led me to believe I could pull it off on my dark hair. I had to try it.The official Kevin Murphy website  has a stockist list. I purchased mine at Rokk Ebony, with the girls there nice enough to test it on my hair. The orange wasn’t as vibrant as the pink and purple, so I decided to only purchase the latter two. RRP $24.95.Color Bug an innovative an temporary hair dye product  comes in a cute cardboard package, with easy-to-read instructions underneath.


The shape makes them easy to hold, and the colour pads have a K on them, the perfect photo to send to any friends who have a name beginning with K.

They’re very simple to use; simply hold your hair in one hand and lightly rub the pad against your hair until the desired colour is achieved. As a first timer, I think I ended up with more pigment on my hands than my hair. It washed off easily with water and liquid handwash.

My hair is quite long so I decided that the tips would be enough. Here’s stage one:

 Kevin Murphy  Color Bug  in pink  on my hair :


I had better luck on my second go, with a majority of the product ending up on my hair rather than my hand. The instructions recommend protecting your shoulders with a towel, but if you have a pristine white bathroom then I’d suggest covering that, too. Powder has a way of getting everywhere.


Results from the purple; a lot less vibrant but still impressive:

 Kevin Murphy  Color Bug  in purple on my hair :


The final results were two-toned colour on my dark hair. It’s a shame the orange shade didn’t work out, because I think three colours would have been even better.


The colours looked great in the sunlight. Not too in-your-face but definitely something you can’t get away with at the office. Oh well.


Unfortunately my hand towel came out worst in this process. A soak in the washing machine and it was back to normal, though!


Final verdict:  Kevin Murphy  Color Bug  temporary hair dye is a fun way to add some colour to your hair when you can’t afford to have it permanently that bright. The instructions recommend keeping it away from clothing, but unless you’re lucky enough to suit short hair, that isn’t really a choice. Throughout the night I found bits of colour on my shoulders. I’ll try hair spray next time!

Nails: ulta3 bo peep
Dress: Vintage

Until next time,

Z xx

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