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Kate Moss Vintage Eau de Toilette fragrance review

Kate Moss Vintage Eau de Toilette fragrance review :

I have a admiration and love for all things vintage. I collect vintage tea cups and jewellery, I adore my vintage men’s Burberry trench and I love nothing more than sifting through old photos or watching old movies.

Therefore, anything with ‘vintage’ in the title will usually pique my interest. However, when I saw the press for this perfume I was dubious. For one, to call a modern perfume (particularly a celebrity perfume) ‘vintage’ is risky at best. Secondly, I HATE Kate Moss…with a passion.

Despite these facts I finally caved when I saw the pretty ink-well inspired bottle in person and noted it’s minuscule price tag (a mere $24 for 30mls of edt.) According to Now Smell This the official notes are pink peppercorn, white freesia, mandarin, heliotrope, jasmine, almond blossom, tonka bean, vanilla and musk.


When the perfume opens there is a blast of sweet, tart mandarin which very quickly is soften by white freesia. Often; cirtusy openings tend to disappear as quickly as they arrive but the mandarin lingers, playing amongst the flowers and powder for some time. It’s certainly not a dominant note but it add a lightness to what might otherwise have been a little grey and drab.

There is some subtle jasmine woven into the middle section of this perfume, but it’s very soft and clean smelling. Don’t expect a big, voluptuous white floral heart because you won’t find it here.

What you will find, however, is a soft almond-y scent dusted with sweet, old-fashioned powder. The heliotrope is what adds this almond note and this is one of my recently discovered floral loves (Try Etro Heliotrope for a more intense almond experience.) Vintage; while not smelling vintage at all; is still a departure from the majority of syrupy fruity-florals churned out by celebs.

The dry down is sutble and arrives a little more quickly than I would like. A creamy vanilla with musk and a hint of smokey tonka make for an enjoyable, albeit generic closing scene. I’ve gotten numerous compliments on this scent at work and I find it to be a perfect day-time fragrance. In all honesty the fact that Vintage comes bearing Kate Moss’ name is quite a shock because it’s everything she isn’t: subdued, pretty and elegant.

I feel though that I may be in the minority with this fragrance. Vintage scores a poor 2.3 rating on Makeupalley and has gotten little love from other bloggers. In my honest opinion for a celebrity perfume that cost me all of $24 I actually think it’s pretty nice. I’ll take this over Mariah’s perfume any day…