Karina Patulska: How to Embrace the Classic Elegance on Your Style

Classic elegance is one of the most feminine, timeless, and luxurious fashion style ever existed. Even in simple hues and subtle accents, it can bring a sophisticated and chic feel to your outfits. The mind behind the Karina In Fashionland blog, Karina Patulska is an American blogger known for her elegant and classic style sticking to the palettes of earth tones and neutrals in her outfits. Though she sometimes wears bright colors, she still looks polished and chic. If you’re looking for inspiration to embrace the classic elegance on your style, keep on reading to get some cues from her.

classic dress with gold necklace and elegant clutch

leather gloves and boots with fur jacket

When picking her accessories, Karina always thinks of how an accessory can match her outfit well. Though pairing a black clutch, black pair of heels, and black hat with a black outfit seems nice, she opts for metallic accessories in gold or metal finish to make the look more stunning. There are gold belts, gold jewelry, and even a bag with gold trims that you may go for. Accessories with touches of leather, fur, velvet, and silk look luxurious and elegant, so skip those denim bags and suede boots.

casual chic outfit with over the knee boots crop top with asymmetrical skirt orange and blue outfit with clutch peplum top with leather trousers

Looking elegant and classic sometimes lies on the silhouette and structure of your outfit. Go for ones that drape well or hug your figure nicely and skip those oversized fits and futuristic looks as they look modern but not elegant. Asymmetrical cuts may look better with pleats and gathers, and flared styles look polished in moderate styles. Like Karina, you may opt for a chic peplum blouse and pair it with a skinny fit of pants over boot cut and wide leg styles to give a great proportion on your outfit, therefore looking elegant and classic.

chiffon blouse with leather skirt elegant lace blouse with silk skirt and pumps fur coat with elegant outfit metallic blazer with black jumpsuit white top with straight leg pants

When selecting fabrics for your outfit, stick to lace, silk, fur, leather, chiffon, velvet, cashmere and such that look elegant over casual cotton and denim. Playing with your fabric textures is a means of looking sophisticated in a stylish manner. For instance, you may wear a lace blouse with a silk skirt, or a chiffon shirt with a leather skirt for a great contrast. Metallic or sequins may look great as long as they on the neutral shades and classic colors.

floral print top with skinny pants geometric print pants with brightly colored blazer polka dots top with burgundy pants and blazer

Wearing prints may be tricky if you wish to channel your classic elegance on your looks. Sticking to classic prints of polka dots, stripes, houndstooth, chevron, and geometric prints may look great in neutral and muted shades, but picking them on the brighter colors and hues make them look arty but not elegant. Floral prints are nice in feminine shades, but skip ones in retro styles as well as ones in unflattering designs and clashing colors.

navy sequin dress with boots gray top with slit maxi skirt all white outfit with neutral colored blazer

Black is an epitome of classic elegance, but you may still resort to other neutral shades like white, nude, gray, brown as well as colors of navy, burgundy and purple. Indeed, classic elegance is in the eye of the beholder so be creative and tasteful mixing and matching your outfit to create a look that makes a statement.

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