Karina Patulska: Embrace the Earth Tones to Your Style

Earth day is not only the time to be eco-friendly and make us more “in-tune” with mother nature but also to be inspired by the natural beauty around us. Earth tones are very natural but sexy look. Since you are mostly earth tones – like your lips, your skin, and your hair, wearing earth tones bring out your unique qualities and compliment your skin tone. It can also look rustic, festive, warm and soft depending on the fabric, the cut of the fabric, or what you wear with it as earth tones breathe sensibility. Wondering how to “blend in” with the planet, in a style that flatters you? Let’s have a fashion inspiration.

Born in U.S.A, Karina Patulska is the style blogger known for her laid-back, simple, and classic style sticking to the palettes of earth tones and neutrals in her outfits. In her blog, Karina in Fashionland, you’ll find posts on her neutral outfits, inspirations, beauty reviews and more. Karina is fond of experimenting with trends and incorporating anything that suits her style as according to her, there are no such things like suitable color or cut for a certain person but only difficulty and easiness to wear certain ensembles.

The color scheme of earth tones drawn from the browns, tans, taupe, grays, some shades of red, and greens as an attempt to emulate the flat and muted colors of earth elements such as charcoal, dirt, stones, moss, and trees. Many earth tones originate from clay earth pigments and red cliffs and slashes of limestone such as umber, ochre, and sienna. The colors are not glossy, not glaring, and deeply serene so they can be incorporated to create a great fashion style.

brown dress

shades of brown and red outfit

Brown is an earth color that every woman should consider. Stick with the shades of brown resembling the most elemental earth tones like clay, mud, tobacco leaf, bark, mushroom, and all the woods and you’ll make a huge progress incorporating earth tones to your style. As you can see, Karina creatively layered brown shades in her outfit such as wearing a dark brown dress, a belt in a lighter shade of brown, wine colored bag and socks, tan shoes, and fur scarf in a cream shade.

floral blouse leopard coat animal print pants printed brown dress orange floral dress orange printed skirt

However, brown doesn’t have to be boring as it can be very elegant, elaborate, and vibrant by opting for prints in the shades of brown. Floral prints, animal prints, and even web prints in brown shade add some interest and dimension to your style. You may mix it up with other earth tones or neutrals to keep the simplicity of the style or mix it up with some gold accents to become more elegant. Some shades of oranges that resemble clay can be used your accent too. As the orange shades are brighter compared to other earth tones, wearing them as prints in a skirt or a dress gives off a festive feel to your outfit.

green jacket green pants green prints blouse watercolor prints

Green is everywhere in so many tints and shades. From looking up through a rain forest canopy, looking at the moss growing on the bark of a tree, to looking down at the grass you’re stepping into, green is a refreshing color drawn from nature. And if you want to seek some refreshment, wear green first. Karina loves wearing green such as pants and jacket in the said shade. Also, watercolor prints in different shades of green give some fun and coolness to your style.

black and white gray and black leather trousers gray top gray fur coat

Resembling the color of the dirt, smoke, stone and cloud, gray is such a successful neutral that goes with almost everything. In reality, earth tones could also be called dirt tones but the marketing name came up with the nifty name “earth tones” as no fashionable woman would buy a wardrobe in a dirt-toned color palette. Just play with the texture of gray such as incorporating cotton, leather, chiffon, cashmere, fur and such fabrics to avoid looking monotonous.

bronze and black gold and black green and black

As a charcoal color, black is the timeless neutral shade that absolutely goes with every color. If you wanted to sport all black, just wear some accessories in earth tones like a necklace in shades of green, or even metallics like bronze, gold, and silver to add some spark.

Fashion comes and goes as well as colors. But, the great thing about the earth tones is every woman has several earth-tone colors that will complement the color of her skin, her eyes, and her hair that never goes out of style. Be a style smart and stunningly beautiful in a natural and “earthy” way.





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