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Kardashian Clear Cube dupe

I may have NEVER seen a single episode of The Kardashians, but even I know about their infamous makeup storage systems.Kardashian Clear Cube

Beauty junkies everywhere went nuts for the see through and seriously expensive drawers after they were aired on the show; I even considered it for a second too, until I found out the price. The original Kardashion Kube as it’s called costs $300, that’s almost £200 for acrylic???

No way, Jose! 

It’s an amazing concept to organise and display your products, but completely overpriced, and after an e-mail I received yesterday I’m so glad I didn’t splash the cash because Muji are bringing out a budget version next month.

Take a look. Muji's Kardashian Clear Cube dupe

Granted, it is a little smaller and no way near as deep, this five drawer system still looks great and according to US consumers holds a fair amount. Check out what they have to say .

Released in limited numbers (why, Muji why?) in the first week of August both online and instore this set up will cost just £24.95! Bargain!

I literally cannot wait and am saving the date as I type 🙂