Julie Sariñana: Steal Her Summer Street Style

The days and nights of summer are flying by. It’s time to get out and flaunt your street style before the season passes by! So whether you’re in need of some summer street style inspiration, office style inspiration or off-duty style inspiration, let’s make this summer your most stylish ever. Browsing for a fashion icon to kick-start your street style? Let’s see what the style blogger Julie Sariñana had in store for us.

Born in Mexico and raised in L.A., Julie Sariñana centers her interest and creative eye on the street style that is effortless, laid-back, and always on trend. Julie started her blog Sincerely Jules in 2009 as an inspiring outlet to convey her opinions, inspirations, style and love of everything great. She has perfected mixing high-end luxury with mid-range typical pieces to establish the ultimate cool casual look without shelling off too many dollars to flaunt her style.

She has prestige when it comes to branding. She’s established her own fashion line, collaborated with countless of known labels in the industry. Her effortless, fashionable street style has translated well into her own brand of t-shirts, often printed with inspirational, sometimes irreverent, quotes. Sincerely Jules is a guide for many editorials and publications that want to incorporate her design and styles in their spread. Today we’re featuring you her street style that has made her who she is that may inspire you to define your own signature style.

stripes top Julie Sariñana

stripes red top Julie Sariñana black and white top stripes jeans Julie Sariñana

Julie likes tops and blouses in stripes, mostly black and white. This traditional staple is spotted often on her, as she presents the true concept of making a definitive piece an infinite fashion must. She teams stripes with everyday jeans and bags.

loose sweater military pants Julie Sariñana white loose blouse Julie Sariñana

One more Julie’s main piece is a loose blouse, fashioned by herself for her own clothing collection, or any other well-known label. She loves to show off her legs while wearing loose blouses to allow the impression of perfect proportion.

black ensembles Julie Sariñana all black necklace Julie Sariñana

When being dressed in an all-black ensemble, you can pick a black skinny jeans or ruffled skirt. For a more bohemian look, you can stack on some long jewelry and throw on your aviators to look amazing on a sunny day.

gray wide leg joggers Julie Sariñana gray joggers Julie Sariñana

Joggers are the different style for pants. If you wish to make it work for daily use, match it with an alluring tank top and layer a jacket for a rocker-chic charm.

denim cut off Julie Sariñanamilitary jacket white top Julie Sariñana military jacket Julie Sariñana

One of the most adaptable pieces of clothes you can have is a denim cut-off. You can boost the look of basic denim shorts by partnering them with a cute shirt and sandals. Adding a fashionable military jacket is undoubtedly going to make your style on trend!

ripped jeans Julie Sariñana

Ripped denim jeans do not look good on everyone, but if you like to try things out with your style, dress yourself in jeans and finish off your outfit with a highly detailed blazer and boots.

white skirt loose shirt Julie Sariñana white skirt elegant Julie Sariñana

Get a feminine look with a skirt! Wear it with a jacket or sweater for a comfortable day around town. Throw a sling bag over your shoulder and your hottest pair of shades to keep things fashionable and classy.

This summer, stay chic, effortless, and cool. Beat the heat with your street style.


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