Julianne Moore Fashion Style Tips

At age 54, actress Julianne Moore remains as flawless as she can be. A notable Academy Award winner, she is also known for her classic fashion sense. Emulate the Julianne Moore fashion style – whatever age you might be – with the actress’ must-have style staples.


A blazer is a must-have for every age. Not only can it shield you from the nippy air, it can make you look more sophisticated as well. Although blazers are meant to be worn, you can always copy the Julianne Moore fashion style by placing it on top of your shoulders.

julianne moore blue blazer

julianne moore white tuxedo

Long Sleeved Dresses

In Hollywood, showing some skin is in. Julianne, however, begs to differ. After all, the Juliann Moore fashion style revolves around tasteful long sleeved dresses. What’s great about the actress is she loves to step out the box by choosing unconventional designs. Good examples include her dresses below, which are traditional in style – but with surprising fashion kicks.

julianne moore red low-cut dress julianne moore white long sleeve dress


Even if she’s a red carpet mainstay, Julianne has to wear ‘regular person’ clothes as well. And when she’s not on the movie set or on an awards show podium, she keeps it simple with her favorite pair of jeans. Get the Julianne Moore fashion style by wearing casual tops (fishing vest anyone?) with loose or boyfriend denims.

julianne moore jeans julianne moore black jeans

Strappy Sandals

Most of the Julianne Moore fashion style is geared towards a mature audience. But the actress keeps her appearance youthful with her wide scale use of strappy sandals. Whether it’s a red carpet occasion or a simple appearance for her own walk of fame, Julianne keeps her style vibrant with her chic strappy sandals.

julianne moore black strappy sandals julianne moore strappy sandals

Stud Earrings

She can wear diamond-encrusted chandelier earrings from day in to day out, but Julianne prefers simple studs more to heavy-set ear pieces. So if you want to get the simple Julianne Moore fashion style, then dress your ears with simple stud earrings. While it is advisable that you invest in such a piece of jewelry, you need not waste all your money over a diamond stud earring. For starters, you can always resort to a similarly-elegant Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite earring.

julianne moore stud earringsjulianne moore gold studs


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And with her whopping paychecks, it comes as no surprise why humongous rings are focal to the Julianne Moore fashion style. You, however, don’t need to measure up to the Bulgari model’s pricey blings. Fancy rings styled and stacked up the right way will get you the elegant look that the actress is well-known for.

julianne moore rings julianne moore gold rings

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