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John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Enhancing Shampoo review

HI Ladies and especially blondes! Here is my honest review of John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Enhancing Shampoo for darker shadesJohn-Frieda-Sheer-Blonde-Highlight-Activating-Enhancing-Shampoo-review-374x500

..So they say …How John Frieda Sheer Blonde Enhancing Shampoo Honey to Caramel works:

Sheer Blonde Enhancing Shampoo Honey to Caramel instantly brightens and refreshes to prevent dulling and darkening of blonde tones. It gently cleanses by ridding hair of darkening and dulling build-up from tap water and typical conditioning and styling products. It optimises the effect of light for truly glistening blonde and brings out highlights and shine. For darker shades of natural, colour-treated or highlighted blonde hair. Contains brightening extracts of natural caramel, honey and wheat germ. The result is blonde hair that looks instantly brighter with even tones and sparkling shine.

Refresh and perfect your brightest blonde, while creating shimmering style with this “for blondes only” collection.

Where to start, where to start…?

I’ve been using this  Highlight Activating Enhancing shampoo for well over a month now.. in fact the bottles nearly empty so more like two months perhaps… And it hasn’t done ANYTHING to make my highlights more enhanced.

My blonde hair is no brighter or shiner than before when I was using another brand of shampoo and it feels no softer than before either.

At most this is an Okay shampoo which costs a bit much for just an ‘Okay’ shampoo (£5.10 from Boots)

It’s really not something I would recommend if anyone asked me about shampoos to improve the brightness or shininess of their blonde hair.John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo  review

Pros of  John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo:

It lathers well

It cleans hair

It smells nice

It didn’t turn my hair into straw (which is a pro)

Cons of  John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Enhancing shampoo:

It didn’t make my hair shinier

It didn’t make my hair ‘brighter’

It didn’t make my highlights more noticable

It doesn’t really do what it says it will do

The cost

My Personal Star Rating:

Two out of Five.

(And thats only because it’s an okay shampoo)

What do you think about Sheer Blonde  Highlight Activating Shampoo by John Frieda , does this  work for you?