John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 4BG Brilliant Brunette Dark Chocolate Brown Review

The further hair dying adventures of Ms.Wedgie!!

 Tally ho chaps and chapettes…it’s time to follow me on yet another adventure into the perilous world of hair dying.  On my previous adventures you saw me buying up silly amounts of hair dye andexperimenting with ‘Colour B4’ hair dye remover.  This time I will be testing out the latest innovation in hair dye…foam colour!! 
John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 4BG Brilliant Brunette Dark Chocolate Brown Review
There are a couple of foam hair dyes on the market now, but the first one to hit the UK was ‘Precision Foam Colour’ from John Frieda.  It’s permanent, comes in a array of colours and promises to give you salon quality results at home.
John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in 4BG Brilliant Brunette Dark Chocolate Brown
I’ve had this since it first came out late last year, but due to illness and being ridiculously busy at work I haven’t had time to use it up until now.  Technically I couldn’t wait any longer to use it as my hair was getting so many grey hairs that I was beginning to become an embarrassment to all who knew me.  Just look!!
John Frieda -4BG Brilliant Brunette Dark Chocolate Brown
Do the ‘click and zoom’ for the full effect!!
Fright show over…lets get back to the adventure.  Shall we take a peep inside the box?
Precision Foam Colour in 4BG Brilliant Brunette Dark Chocolate Brown-John Frieda
What you get is a developer, the colourant, a 50ml tube of conditioner, the ‘foamer’ applicator, instructions and the most awesome pair of black gloves EVER!!
I loved the black gloves.  I know they do the same job as a normal pair of gloves but they made me feel like a mad scientist.  I will shamefully admit that I did do a bit or ‘muah ha haaaaa-ing’ in the bathroom mirror before actually starting the proceedings! 🙂
John Frieda -4BG Brilliant Brunette Dark Chocolate Brown-2
Ooh I’ve come over all Cushing!
Like all dyes you empty the colourant into the developer – but rather than giving it a good shake, you tilt it backwards and forwards a few times to gently mix them together.  Shaking gives you runny foam…and theres nowt worse than runny foam is there! 🙂  Once mixed, you attach your ‘foamer’ applicator and squeeze the centre of the bottle to dispense the foam.  You apply large balls of foam to your hair, starting with the roots and then moving on to the rest of your hair, until your hair is over-saturated with foam and can take no more.  You will then look a bit like this…
John Frieda -4BG Brilliant Brunette Dark Chocolate Brown-3
After 20 minutes have passed (or up to 30 minutes if you have really evil greys or thick hair) you rinse your hair thoroughly, apply the conditioner, wait another 5 minutes, rinse again and then you’re done!!!  Here’s the finished result…
John Frieda -4BG Brilliant Brunette Dark Chocolate Brown-4
Not bad I reckon.  I’m pretty pleased with the end result, but what do I think of the dye itself?
The Good
– Less mess and splatter
– No dripping
– Covers greys!  Hahahaha…bye bye for another few months greys! 🙂
– Gives a very even coverage
– Very clear and easy to understand instructions
– Rinses out really really quickly
– You get a decent amount of conditioner.  I hate it when you get those teeny tiny sachets!
– My hair feels lovely and soft and shiny. 
– You get black evil scientist gloves (HOORAY!)
The Not So Good
– It seemed to take a long time to apply.  But…this might be because I’m not used to applying this new type of dye.  The next time I use it the application time may be much faster
– The waiting time of 20-30 minutes.  This isn’t a major gripe…I’ve been using a lot of the 10 minutes dyes so 30 minutes seems like a reeeealllllly long time
– Price!!  It’s RRP is £9.99 making it one of the most expensive home dyes on the highstreet.  I was happy with the results but this may be a bit too expensive for a lot of people.
So there you have it.  Overall I’m very happy with the results and I’d recommend giving this a try…especially if (like me) most hair dying attempts end up with dye splattered all over the walls and floor! 🙂
More information on the dye and the full shade range is available on the John Frieda website and if you want to give it a try then you’ll find it in Boots and Superdrug.  I’ve seen it on offer a lot recently so if you’re quick you might be able to save a few pounds off the normal retail price of £9.99.
I’ll be back in a few months with yet another hair dye adventure!

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