Jane Iredale Lip Crayon in Tasty review and swatch

Jane Iredale Lip Crayon in Tasty  review , swatch :

I knew I was taking a gamble buying a lip colour I’d never seen in person, with apparently no online reviews, and a single-word descriptor: “pink.” That gamble… didn’t really pay off. Jane Iredale Lip Crayon in Tasty ($30 AUD) has many positive qualities, but it isn’t particularly pink for me. On my lips it is closer to a dusty rose-pink red. If you haven’t heard of Jane Iredalebefore, it’s an American cruelty-free mineral makeup brand (with a range of vegan and gluten-free products), first launched in 1994.


Jane Iredale Lip Crayons are essentially a multipurpose lip and cheek product: they can be used as a lipstick, a lip liner, or on the cheeks as a cream blush. For better or worse, they’re a pencil, so you’ll need a jumbo pencil sharpener or else you’ll end up with a sad, flat stub. Take a look at this chunky delight:

The Lip Crayon in Tasty is very pigmented: it is pretty much opaque at first swipe, but can be easily blended out for a more sheer look. Unlike the juicy lipgloss crayons that are super-popular at the moment, Jane Iredale Lip Crayons have a subtle, satin finish. I didn’t find Tastyparticularly moisturizing, but neither did it dry my lips out (which is pretty standard for me.) I’ve only worn it for one full day (I’ve since palmed it off to my housemate, who’s been known to rock out a deep rose or plum lip on occasion) so I can’t comment much on wear time, but it seemed fairy long-lasting.

Here’s an arm swatch of Tasty:


Here’s a lip swatch of Tasty (God, I never do these, because I AM THE FUZZIEST PEACH OF ALL):

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