Jane Aldridge: Vintage Style for Summer

Ever get yourself searching the closet for summer style, only to find you have nothing to wear? When styles come and go, it is all about those timeless, vintage pieces. While it’s tougher to find old treasures, the sweeter the victory is whenever you find it really beautiful and perfect for you. There’s no need to only wear luxurious and trendy garments to look fashionable this summer, since wearing the old is becoming more modern by the innovative way of dressing.

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Texan fashion blogger, Jane Aldridge, is known for her vintage style, colorful outfits, and shoe obsession. She is the creative thinker behind the blog Sea of Shoes, which was launched in 2007 at the age of 15. Since then, she has shared her bold taste, vintage style, and her myriad of shoes with her readers.

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Her style selection is boundless; and she has captured everyone’s interest in her closet stuffed with limited vintage items – vintage skirts, vintage dresses, vintage shoes, vintage jewelry – that most grown women could dream of. She even said that if she wasn’t a fashion blogger, she’ll be selling vintage clothing.

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Vintage style is meaningful, poetic and fashionable. Vintage clothing and accessories are older than 20-30 years, but not more than 80. ‘Vintage’ is a French word traditionally used for wines older than 20 years. Vintage style is like old wine. The older a wine is the much better quality and value. Vintage fashion is not just a label or a year on the brand, but the design of the past, and fashion style history.

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Most vintage apparel is high quality because most of the clothes in the past were made by hand. That’s why vintage clothes have exceptional fabrics and tailoring. The sections have patterns, designs and details that creative designers devote love and consideration in making them.

vintage dress jane aldridge

If you desire to wear vintage, yet you’re bothered about looking like you stepped out of your grandmother’s closet, pairing vintage pieces together with modern is the best way to recreate something old and make it new. The key is to team it up with basic pieces like denim shorts, jeans, colorful top or a white shirt. If you’re dressed in a vintage top, wear modern pants like skinny jeans. For vintage skirt or pants, team a modern shirt to clean the look. You may want to design your new dress with a vintage purse and vintage sunglasses.

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Mixing eras have the same impact as pairing new and vintage pieces. There is a huge selection of clothes to pick from in the ‘vintage’ category. Surprising combinations of fabrics, outlines, and layers of different patterns make a style appear unique, modern and beautiful. Consider mixing up your wardrobe with a wide variety of clothing periods.

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A good guideline when dressing in vintage style is to make sure it’s designed with good accessories — modern or vintage accessories. Attire can be made more modern with the supplement of modern accessories as well as hairstyles. Dresses that are in solid tone, a mild print, or fine fabric can be put with boots, sandals, hat, and a few pieces of modern jewelry. One of the key features of Jane’s style is her flexibility to mix vintage items with designer pieces. When she is not rocking a vintage top with jeans, Jane comes vintage with her accessories.

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Vintage accessories are ornamental pieces from the past that enhance your outfit; such as jewelry, leather gloves, purses, hats, belts, shawls, watches, sunglasses, stockings designed between 1920s and 1990s. Search for big statement pendants, gold bracelets, and earrings for your attire. Vintage accessories add elegance, design and color to your style.

vintage dress gold accessories jane aldridge vintage blouse and pendant jane aldridge

Wearing vintage clothing with modern accessories — footwear, bags, sunglasses, metallic finishes on clothes – is an easy way to kick your style up a notch. Jane has a good eye for sequins and leather. You can stand out during the summer with metallic accessories. As spotted on Jane, this style is perfect when wearing neutral tones.

vintage long skirt jane aldridge vintage boots jane aldridge

Jane’s insatiable desire for shoes keeps us inspired. She collected the hottest shoes, platforms, and boots with adorable, intriguing details. Platforms, braided sandals, corked-bottom espadrilles, lace-up boots, Oxford flats and wedges are a perfect means to add a little twist to your style.

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Being dressed in striking, vivid colors, and pastels are feminine, and perfect for summer. Jane’s styles have colorful and lively colors perfectly teamed with vintage style. All you need this summer is a great sense of style and courage to look unique and one of a kind. Wear confidence to flaunt your vintage style and be a head turner this summer!

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