Ivania Carpio: The Art of Wearing White

Ivania Carpio, the Dutch blogger from Netherlands whose signature style lies in a white color palette and minimalist styling made her an internationally-recognized fashion icon. Mixing high-end stylish items, Ivania’s creative minimalism style goes beyond reach. The Dutch blogger is so attracted to non-colors. Though she loves seeing other people wear colors, she doesn’t feel comfortable with them as she had stated. In 2008, she created her blog, Love Aesthetics, for a digital space for her vision of thoughts translated both visually and textually.

It seems that Ivania’s style is less about wearing one color and more about taking a moment to discover the clothing details such as texture, fabrics, and cuts. According to her, one of the things she appreciates most about fashion and clothes are the craftsmanship and the way things are made. “On a garment without a print or color all attention goes to these details; the fit and tailoring, the kind of seams, the texture of the fabric. Non-colors are always relevant, always fresh. You can get tired of a purple shirt after wearing it three times; a white shirt, however, never gets old.” Indeed, the white color is so neutral that it adapts to the occasion and the mood. It becomes more about the wearer.

classic suit

white beanie white hair white suit in red lips

If you’re wondering why white color is her pick, she says that ‘white evokes more of a feeling; fresh, clean, pure, and empty but mostly a feeling of possibilities.’ “And because so little concrete images to mind when seeing white, I can project my own personality and mood onto it,” says Ivania. She also says that white represents the ‘early stages’ of clothes. “When tailoring clothes, the first patterns are also made in a cream or white fabric,” she explains. “I think these early stages of garments are beautiful. By not adding any color or print all attention is directed to the technical details and fit, that is what interests me most in fashion.”

white runners white jeans funky shoes white beanies and coat

If you think life in white’s boring, think again. Ivania works white-on-white with a variety of silhouettes, unconventional cuts, tons of texture, and even unusual wearing of clothes. Like Ivania, be creative in teaming your outfits. As we can see in her photographs, wearing clothes in ways which they are not supposed to is her trick. Skirts as dresses, dresses as skirts, tops as bottoms are some of the creative examples we can learn from her. Also, white-on-white works best in a sporty silhouette. Ivania shows how cool they look as she commonly wears white trainers with all white ensembles.

tie jacket on waist cut out dress pastel tank top oversized topcullotes

Wondering how to wear white on a daily basis? In Ivania’s interviews, she even suggested what she’s going to wear on each activity. For just a walk around her neighborhood, she would love to wear a white tee, white shorts and some kind of outerwear tied around her waist. For an afternoon of running errands, she would sport silky white turtleneck tank top, vintage Adidas running shorts, sneakers, and white leather backpack. For a lunch with an old friend, she would wear a white dress, floor length coat and white trainers. For a trip, an asymmetric white leather top, culottes and white sandals are her choices.

white clutch

Let your hair do the talking. A white column dress worn with a pair of white trainers could nail an all white look, but her hair tells the story. “My hair is quite a lot of work.” she admits. ‘I dye it every week. Yes, I do like to change colors now and then, but I always stay on the cool side of the color wheel; lavender, blue, gray, mint.’ And additionally, Ivania is into a modern approach to makeup, where less is more and which does not have the goal of making a face look feminine or pretty per se. Like her, you may put some eyebrow liner, a bb cream, and a white eye pencil for a minimalist whiteout look.

Got some ideas how to nail the all white look? It’s time to show off your style on the streets and be a master of an all white look.


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