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It’s Magic! Magic Yellow Lipstick review and photo

Here is my review of It’s Magic! Magic Yellow Lipstick – Yellow Color Changing Lipstick

Hey everyone,
A coupe of weeks ago I was with my nan and near to where she lives is a shop called Organics, which is such a lovely shop that sells organic foods and also some jewellery and home accessories but I found out that they now sell  face and  skin care, hair dye and best of all organic makeup! There was some makeup that was free from all the bad things and it wasn’t tested on animals, but it was quite pricey. Then I saw a stand next to it called Magic Lips, filled with lipsticks in the weirdest imaginable colours from green to gold and black to blue. I was so fascinated and I found out that these lipsticks are not weird colours really, they change to a certain colour depending on the PH levels in your skin. Cool, right?It's Magic! Magic Yellow Lipstick review
I decided to purchase this one, a bright yellow lipstick that honestly does scare me every time I look at it in the tube. This yellow one changes to a pinky coral colour when on the skin and honestly these lipsticks stay on for SO long! They say they are waterproof, drink proof and stain for over 12 hours and I totally agree! They are amazing and are so much more long lasting than any stains or tints I have tried before. I picked this up from the shop Organics for £5.99 which is quite affordable and this is such a fun product, I really couldn’t resist! It's Magic! Magic Yellow Lipstick swatch
Here you can see that it looks yellow on the skin when first applied, but when you leave it for a while it changes colour according to the PH levels in your skin, so it would look different on someone else’s skin to my skin. It's Magic! Magic color changing  Yellow Lipstick
Here is the colour  of Magic Yellow Lipstick once it has adapted to the PH levels in my skin, it is a really pretty bright pink shade that looks glossy at first but soon dries as something similar to a lip tint or a lipstain! I told you that it would change colour, I think I would look a bit stupid with yellow lips but then again, who knows?!It's Magic! Magic Yellow Lipstick on lips photo
Here you can see the colour in my lips, it really is a build able lipstick and this is quite a sheer colour but it can create a really bright vibrant colour on the lips that lasts for so long! It is perfect for summer!
Thanks for reading guys, I would love to know some of your favourite lip products this season and also if you have tried this product before!
Millie x