Irina Bulgakova: Classic Fashion Style

A classic fashion style is a foundation for chic fashion. If you want a professional, business-like, and a timeless wardrobe, you should start with a classic style at its heart. Its timeless looks, neat-and-tidy style, beautiful-but-simple cuts in clothing, fine natural fabrics, and conservative tailored clothes features never get out of style. The timeless style consists of a lot of neutrals such as white, black, brown, gray, navy, and beige that absolutely go with everything. Since classic style gets updated all the time, let’s have a style inspiration to refocus your scope and find classic pieces that also feel fresh, original, and modern but still keep your classic feel.

A fashion blogger from Moscow, Russia, Irina Bulgakova leads the Russian department of marketing communications that’s one of the largest holdings in the fashion world. Her blog, My Lookbook, is not quite a blog about fashion but a blog about lifestyle and her personal perception of art, literature, fashion, and music. Irina described her personal style as a mix of minimalism, femininity, and classics where she likes layering styles as it provides her an additional opportunity to play with materials, colors and prints. She just tries to choose things that are comfortable, but have its personality.

The reason to start with the classic fashion style is to bring out the beauty in you by just wearing simple but highly stylish outfits. For instance, if you wear outfits that make a fashion statement, it is the clothes that will stand out and not you. An influential designer, Elsa Schiaparelli, said that if a woman walks in and people say what a wonderful dress, she’s badly dressed as the clothes itself made the statement. On the other hand, if they say she’s a beautiful woman, you know she’s well dressed as she made her outfit bring out the beauty in her. And, classic style is a simple but fashionable way to bring out the best in you.

beautiful pearl necklace

classic fedora hat ruby red earrings classic outfit with sunglasses

You may dip your toe into classic style by sporting some classic and timeless accessories. Pearl jewelry gives a chic and sophisticated touch to your simple style. Whether you are into wearing long pearl necklace or pearl earrings, pearls are a simple but stylish statement to your plain outfit. Silver or gold jewelry with gemstones such as ruby, emerald, sapphire, and such count to the timeless styles too. Also, lightweight scarves, classic fedora hats, and classic sunglasses are a great addition to your style. Indeed, a stylish, intentional, and class an outfit can look with just the simple addition of classic accessories.

classic burgundy pumps classic nude pumps thigh-high classic boots

Though ballet flats are more functional than heels, smarten your class and business looks with classic pumps. Like Irina, she wore nude pumps with a classic white skirt and burgundy pumps with a classic black outfit. Nevertheless, if you want more comfort, it’s a wise idea to not go any taller than a 2″ heel. Opt for a brown, gray, or black thigh-high boots and pair it with a plain black outfit. Just spice up the style by wrapping a camel shawl around your neck like Irina did.

classic beige trench coat classic coatdress classic red trench coat classic trench coat with leggings classic trench coat with skirt

A classic trench coat reminds us of the 1940’s, but it has truly stood the test of time and is still a preferred choice today. Indeed, the trench coat is multi-seasonal and versatile as you can pair it with a classic dress, a blouse-and-skirt outfit, or even black tights. You may also opt for sleeveless coats and wear it as a dress. Pick for classic colors such as camel, gray, navy, black for a timeless feel. On the other hand, if you want to give it a punch, opt for bold colors such as red, blue, green, purple and such.

classic blazer with black pumps classic cardigan with leather trousers

Blazers, cardigans, and suits are awesome alternatives for a trench coat as they play the same versatility. Though shrunken and oversized styles are trendy right now, better opt for pieces that perfectly and smartly suit your shape to keep the classic feel. From thin cashmere to heavy wool knits, there’s a blazer out there that will perfectly fit your classic style no matter what season you’re in. Just make sure to pick up different fabrics, cuts, and styles so you’ll get more chance of wearing them with your classic staples. To add some edge to your classic style, pair your classic cardigan with leather trousers like Irina did. They’re very simple and classic but are very feminine styles.

classic khaki trousers

Dress pants in black, khaki, brown, and gray are classic. When it comes to the dress pants, wide-leg style hides any flaws about your hip and thigh area and it elongates your leg line that is also great for petite frames. Although the most practical places to wear dressy dress pants are business attires, you can bring them out for a casual walk on the town too. Like Irina, you may pair your khaki trousers with a classic black blazer worn with classic black pumps.

classic red skirt with basic tee classic red and black evening gown classic pastel outfit classic orange dress classic blue blazer

Women with a timeless fashion style tend to dress a bit safe and can look boring and plain. So, just try to select pieces in a different color rather than a neutral. Improve your style by adding a twist that reflects fun or your personality. Like Irina, she sticks to classic styles of outfit like blazers, cardigans, skirts, and skirts but just keeps it modern and interesting by opting for bold colors such as cobalt blue, red, pastel shades and such. She even keeps the class and yet modern feel by wearing a classic red skirt with a basic tee worn with boots.

Invest some time in developing your classic fashion style. Remember, your fashion style is a reflection of your personality so a perfect style is the result of careful planning. Build your capsule wardrobe and find shops that consistently suit your classic style. This way, you’ll find playing your wardrobe pieces more fun and classic.



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