Ioana Chisiu: How to Style Your Feminine Skirts

Though we’re mostly focusing on the design aspect of skirts, figuring out how to get the most out of putting together your skirt-outfits will create a more feminine and stylish look. The mind behind the Fashion Spot, Ioana Chisiu is a Romania-based fashion blogger known for her creative styles of wearing feminine skirts. Whether the skirt is full of sparkle, unique and full of colors, Ioana has a knack for creating stylish outfits with them. Keep on reading for style inspiration on styling your feminine skirts.

A-line skirt with button down shirt

black skirt with blue blazer and tee full skirt with polka dots shirt pencil skirt with crop top skirt with knitted turtleneck

When investing for feminine skirts, look for basic styles in neutrals without any fancy details. The versatility of basic skirts makes it easier for you to mix and match your outfits helping you save time and money. Simple and timeless skirts that look good on your body figure give more focus to your natural curves while showcasing your great sense of style. If you have full hips, full thighs, and thick legs, plain and basic fashion skirts are your best choices. Just remember that light colors enhance and expand while dark colors minimize and retract. Like Ioana, pair your basic skirts with knitted sweater, basic tee, blazer, chic blouse, crop top, button-down shirt and such. This way, you’ll eliminate the I-have-nothing-to-wear dilemma in the morning while dressing up.

fringe skirt with crop top fur skirt with chic shirt preppy outfit with high socks and shoes

There are versatile skirts that can serve as a great canvas for creating multiple looks, but you may still go for signature pieces for showing off your clear and bold style. For instance, fringe skirts in suede screams bohemian that will go well with crop tops and other boho-pieces while pleated skirts are preppy enough to channel your schoolgirl vibe. Also, if you want to add curves to a skinny frame, opt for skirt styles that will visually expand your hips and thighs like a fur skirt or a fringe skirt. Fur skirts can be perfect for the winter season, but they can still look great on your street style when matched with other seasonal tops.

burgundy leather skirt with chic blouse leather skirt with sweater red leather skirt with striped top

Leather skirts are edgy pieces you may go for if you wish for a tough girl looks while keeping your feminine style. Also, you may use them to disguise your muffin top by picking skirts that flare outwards from your hips like A-line or full skirt adding balance to your hips and tummy that hold the extra weight. Since leather is a heavy fabric, it helps hold your tummy. If you wish for a leather pencil skirt, be creative like Ioana by wearing a loose and non-figure hugging top to conceal your problem areas.

baroque skirt with tank top canvas skirt with black top floral skirt with chic sweater floral skirt with knitted sweater geometric skirt with white top pleated skirt with sleeveless shirt

Wearing printed skirts are one of the stylish ways of wearing them to show off your feminine vibe with personality. If you want to soften your outfit and express your feminine side, then opt for floral skirts in feminine shades that look fabulous for pairing with feminine tops creating a unique and stylish look. If you wish to make your frame look taller, select fashion skirts with shorter hemlines that end just above the knee or shorter to expose more of your legs.

tulle skirt with black top metallic skirt with white top geometric skirt with white blouse fishnet skirt with leather jacket

To spice up some glamorous feel with your outfit, go for skirts with fine and diaphanous fabrics like a tulle skirt, ball skirt, metallic skirts, or even fit-and-flare skirts. The tulle skirt is the princess skirt for grownups that look airy and whimsical that can be complemented or juxtaposed with your tops. It may be not your everyday skirt, but the ball skirt is voluminous and grand perfect for special occasions that can make you feel fabulous and feminine. Indeed, skirts are perfect for showcasing your feminine style with a fabulous feel.

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