INGLOT Halloween Masterclass || INGLOT Halloween Makeovers ’13

INGLOT Halloween Masterclass || INGLOT Halloween Makeovers ’13


Hello Everyone!
So I was invited out to a Halloween makeover masterclass by the lovely girls in Inglot at their pro-store on South Anne Street in Dublin’s City center. I also attended the opening of the pro-store and you can read my post on that ‘HERE‘.
So lately if you are a fan of Inglot’s Facebook page or if you follow them on their Instagram you will see many  Halloween looks that their incredibly talented MUA’s have been creating. Which certainly have been definitely making me thinking of going all out this year with my makeup and using those pictures as inspiration. So even with the horrid weather and awful traffic I made it into the South Anne Street store, and up into Inglot’s new makeup classroom, where I was greeted  by the ever friendly and charming store manager Ingrid and Jessica the MUA for the evening. Also I have to mention the cute little pumpkin brush holder and little festive spiderwebs they had decorated the room with. Very cute and festive ladies!
Inglot are currently taking bookings for their Halloween Makeovers that cost €50 and that €50 is completely redeemable on products and lashes are included in the price. But make-sure you book early and quickly before all the places are very in-demand.
 INGLOT-Halloween-Masterclass Review
MUA Jessica’s finished look on another in-store artist.
MUA Jessica showed us how to recreate her incredible half skeleton, half beauty face makeup. But instead she created a skull on both sides to show off the difference in using shadows or gel liners.
During the lesson she gave out tips on the look and provided us with a print out that gave instructions on how she created it for at home use and a list of the products she used in the look if we wanted to purchase any of them.
She also explained why using shadows and concealers to whiten the skin are far better than face paint because they give a smoother  finish, while most face-paints will crack when you try layer them. My sister actually bought the white concealer Jessica used for doing her son’s makeup this year, while I may just have to borrow it for my Lydia Deetz costume. Also Jessica said the white concealer isn’t just for crazy makeup looks, but if you want that strong Kim Kardashian contour the white works well to.
 INGLOT-Halloween Masterclass
Extremely talented MUA Jessica’s original skull makeup.
How incredible is this!!!

Jessica asked what we were all being for Halloween in order to give us advice on our makeup styling, talking about what she would do for certain costumes and how to make fake scars. She gave us all some great tips and tricks!

INGLOT Halloween Masterclass

You can see in the  picture of Jessica’s half skull, half beauty makeup that her lips are blue, they also passed us around a pallet to try and swatch of their pro-store exclusive lip colours that come in a palette as pictured below and not in a lipstick form. The blue she used came from here, they are all very matte and highly pigmented. They can easily rival all those Limecrime lipsticks that you can only get online. These would be  great for MUA’s or someone who just likes playing around with their makeup to create new fun looks. I’d recommended you pop by the Pro-store and give them a swatch. You will be blow away by the quality!
I’ll mention one more time about the Halloween makeovers, and how Inglot are currently taking bookings for their Halloween Makeovers that cost €50 and that €50 is completely redeemable on products and lashes are included in the price. You guys really need to get in there and book early because I’d say places are flying out. Also even if there are only morning appointments TAKE IT! The MUA’s were saying that even if these looks are done early they will last you throughout the day and Halloween night. Don’t pass up on this awesome offer.

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