Important Things to Remember When Dyeing Your Hair

Natural is beautiful but why not take your beauty to a whole new level by enhancing it and sprucing your looks up? One of the easiest and least dramatic ways to change up your looks is to dye your hair a different color. Doing this instantly gives you a new look and, if you choose the right color, might even boost your confidence as well. However, coloring your hair is not as easy as it seems (not if you want to get the best results anyway). There are certain things you need to keep in mind before, during and after dyeing your hair. If you’re planning on dyeing your hair for the first time, check out these important things to remember when dyeing your hair.

  • It requires maintenance – dyeing your hair is not a one-time deal. You can just color your hair today and expect it to last as long as you want or look as shiny and as healthy as you would like without going the extra mile. To keep your hair color looking vibrant, you’ll need to touch up the color, especially at the roots. You’ll also need to buy hair products that are meant for color-treated hair because your regular hair products might cause a bad reaction or make your colored hair look dull.

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  • Hair health will change – if you’ve always has healthy ‘virgin’ hair and you decide to dye it a different color, you’ll notice that there will be a lot of changes that will happen to your hair. It will not be as healthy as it was when no chemical touched it, the texture will change and its appearance will change as well which is why you’ll need a lot more products to try to keep it as healthy as possible. No matter how you put it, dyeing your hair is a damaging process so you can’t avoid these changes.

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  • Beauty effect – when you dye your hair a color that’s a little too far from your natural color, it’s normal to see your face and your beauty in general in a whole new different light. Your everyday makeup look will not look the same, your skin will appear either lighter or darker (depending on your hair color) and you may have to tweak your makeup color preferences a bit.

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  • Consider past treatments – your hair may be a virgin to hair dyes but you may have had other treatments and telling your hair stylist about these is very important, especially when the treatment / procedure involved chemicals like in perming or rebonding. The chemicals from these past treatments may react with hair day and lead to hair fall and other damaging results so make sure to ask your stylist first.

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