Impatient Society

This sequin dress was too short to be worn as a dress, but too pretty to hide away in my cupboard, so I added some cropped trousers and a scarf and turned it into a salwar kameez! I like the muted sparkliness of the sequins, if that makes any sense.



Spot the photographer 😉







Wearing H&M dress, random salwar and dupatta,  Accessorize headband, Nolan Miller bow ring, Essie Watermelon nailpolish.
The title of this post reflects the random thoughts going through my mind this morning … I think that society these days has become far too impatient. Many of us have busy, stressful lives, giving us less time to concentrate on ourselves and our needs. We want our food to be prepared in minutes; we want to be thinnow so we succumb to extreme methods instead of following a healthy diet and exercise regime; we are so used to getting information immediately that we reach for our laptops and neglect our books. Modern technology can certainly be helpful, but I also think we need to learn how to be patient again.Here are a few examples. We often reach for canned foods to save time when cooking. However, canned foods have much less ‘goodness’ in them than natural foods; plus, the canning process wastes energy and you end up with a tin that either fills a landfill or gets recycled (a process which requires a lot of energy). Instead, you can soak your chickpeas at night rather than buying them pre-canned. It just requires a little bit of forethought and planning – that is, you have to know what meal(s) you are cooking the next day so you can soak your beans, lentils, or nuts accordingly.

Another example: there are very few fashion-forward ladies who don’t own a curling tong, straigtening iron, or blow dryer. However, these styling tools require energy and the heat damages your hair. But if you consider planning a little bit in advance, you can wash your hair at night and set it in rollers or rag curls, which is ultimately less damaging to your hair and less taxing on the environment.

I know that modern conveniences are, well, convenient much of the time, but all it takes is a little bit of  foresight to learn how to be patient again. What do you think? Are you impatient? Are there any other changes you think you or I could make to reduce wasting energy and damage to our health/bodies?

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