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Illamasqua Toxic Nature collection review and swatches

Finally , Illamasqua Toxic Nature collection  . A makeup collection to get excited for! You may have noticed that my blog hasn’t been choc full of ‘haul’ or even many single purchase related posts. This is mainly because nothing much out there has grabbed my attention; the last few months have been a total makeup snoozefest from my eyes.

But that is about to change with the release of Illamasqua’s Toxic Nature collection for Spring/Summer 2011. I have definitely become a quality over quantity person in relation to makeup, and have been continually blown away by Illamasqua’s twice yearly collections. I’m so glad they don’t churn out collection after collection and provide us with something truly amazing and innovative every six months.

There are countless blog posts floating around the interwebs about the Toxic Nature collection so I’ll just add my 2 cents worth. This is the first collection from any company in months that has rekindled my love for makeup.


It’s different. So different. Toxic nature takes those spring shades we all know so well- pretty pastels, and adds in some sludgy neutrals. And it works.

New products. Cream pigments- hello amazing! These promise to be more crease resistant than their previously released cream shadows and range from cute pastels- Emerge, Dab and Bedaub to the darker and murkier Mould, Hollow and Delirium. These are amazing, I think I’ll end up buying all of them. My summer plans for this year revolve around a month in Paris (squeeee! I can’t wait!) and I can really see myself rocking the more neutral shades for my ‘I want to be a classy lady in Paris’ days and changing it up to work in the pastels for when I want a fresh and pretty look. They are multipurpose- think eyes, cheeks, contour, lips, hair, colour correction. Illamasqua cream pigments swatches

Illamasqua cream pigments toxic nature swatchesIllamasqua cream pigments swatches pics

Hot summer lips. Pink. Orange. Bright. You can’t get much more sping/summer than that. Atomic and Flare lipsticks will give you a block of colour, or you can ease yourself into juicier summer brights with Torture and Divine sheer lip glosses. illamasqua Atomic and Flare lipstick swatchesillamasqua Torture and Divine sheer lip glosses

The nails. Oh the nails! Nails never feature on this blog because I’m far too un-coordinated. But these shades deserve more than just a fleeting mention. There’s definitely something for everyone and every occasion here. Bright flashes of acid greens and oranges, crème taupey/rosey/grey/purple/younameit, the perfect pastel peach, and Bacterium, which, as a Biology teacher, is automatically made of awesome based on the name alone.toxic nature nail polishes
The say that the promotional images for Toxic Nature are inspiring would be a complete understatement. This work from Illamasqua and Alex Box just leave me lost for words. I don’t know what to say, I’m simply blown away. It’s like nothing I’ve seen before! Words just cannot describe. These are my two favourites. Behold.illamasqua  toxic nature collection review illamasqua  toxic nature

I love that you can just pick and choose the elements you want from each look. No, I’m not expecting to be rocking cream pigment freckles on my cheeks come summer. But that’s not the point. I would never have thought to use a cream product to contour, or highlight above my brow, to elongate my eye shape, or go for a two tone statement lip. I think what I’m trying to say is that this is one of the collections that can be whatever you want it to be. Subtle and neutral. Dark and smokey. Contoured and angular. Defined. Layered. A burst of colour. And anywhere in between. It’s love!

I’ll be posting some reviews and swatches tomorrow night. If you can get yourself to a counter to check out this collection in person I urge you to do so! I really hope it can reawaken the makeup love for you just as it has for me.