Illamasqua Art of Darkness Scarab & Viridian

NOTD – Illamasqua Art of Darkness Scarab & Viridian

With the excitement of the Illamasqua Melbourne launch still buzzing in my mind I though I would share with you the two stunning polishes from their recent ‘Art of Darkness’ collection. This colour story is all about dark jewel-like shades and exotic influences; it’s highly creative and inspiring – something we’ve come to expect from Illamasqua.

The two polishes that accompany this collection are exquisite. First up is Viridian; a rich velvety peacock green with a wonderful lighter emerald green glow. It sparkles in the light and looks more metallic in dull, indoor lighting. The colour seems to change and move depending on where you are, giving it an amazing like-like quality.Illamasqua-Veridian-swatch

Here you can see more of the lighter emerald green glow:Illamasqua-Veridian-nails

Scarab is the ruby edition to this collection and has the same ‘colour shifting’ quality that Viridian has. Scarab is a deep, rich red with a slightly brown base. In some lights it has a fiery red glow with specks of orange, in others it has a truer ruby-red shine.Illamasqua-Scarab-nails

Here you can see the more orange-y glow:Illamasqua-Scarab-swatch

These polishes wear wonderfully and are very easy to apply. Now that Illamasqua has launched in several states around the country you can check them out before purchasing. Otherwise, if there’s no Illamasqua counter near you, you can find them online.

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