Iga Wysocka: The Art of Classic Elegance

Simplicity, grooming, and good quality are the three fundamentals of classic elegance that cannot be bought. There is always something very ethereal look, yet effortless and perfectly gentle about a woman who is elegant. If that would be too easy, all women could just buy the keys to look elegant and all their fashion worries would be over. However, gaining that timeless beauty with a classic elegance is more than just choosing the right outfit but also learning a skill like art.

From Poland, Iga Wysocka is a fashion blogger prominent for her delicate and classic clothing with a touch of elegance. Her blog, Skinny Liar serves as her online portfolio for showing off her feminine and classic style. Think of simple clean lines, sophisticated fashion choices, and good quality that look timeless. Classic elegance is a fashion statement that’s worth learning. So, keep on reading to steal her style and gain the look of classic elegance.

classic black jumpsuit

classic blue dress classic pastel dress classic red dress

Like Iga, you may start your style with a touch of classic elegance by keeping it simple. Wear clothes that fit as they should be not too small or too large for you. Don’t stick to a size every time you try on different clothes but also try on a one size up and a one size down to ensure a better fit. Opting for classic cuts on your clothing will keep you looking timelessly elegant. Avoid trendy cuts and styles like bell-bottom pants or oversized pieces. Instead, knee length dresses with even hem lines and knee-length coats are one of the classic styles to aim for.

fur coat with blue hat leather skirt with knitted top white lace dress

Quality is a key to elegance so aim for quality over quantity. Good quality is not extravagant and luxury, so buy only what you love and do more with less. Choose quality fabrics as make your clothing look more expensive, even if it isn’t. Lean away from cheap acrylic material and opt for ensembles made of more luxurious materials such as leather, silk, satin, wool, fur, cashmere, velvet, and even lace. Opt for styles with clean, constructed forms of volume that will create a mood of classic elegance. Also, thick materials that add bulk should usually be avoided, as these will detract from your smooth lines.

floral print dressnautical stripes outfit polka dots dress tartan skirt watercolor print shorts

When opting for prints and patterns, stick to classic ones and avoid patterns and pattern mixing. Stripes, floral prints, tartan, checks, plaids, polka dots, and houndstooth pattern are a great choice. Also, opt for classic colors for your prints and stay away from neon or flashy ones. Iga creatively matched her colorful print ensembles with neutral ones letting the piece to be the focal point of her outfit.

burgundy hat with classic outfit classic outfit with wedges maxi skirt with knitted top nude outfit with black shorts

Iga appreciates the simplicity of only having a few pieces since being too fashionable is not quite elegant. When dressing in separates, she avoids color clashing but instead sticks to classic neutral colors like grey, beige, navy, white, brown, and muted shades like pastel pink, peach, olive green and such. Dress modestly where it fits as it affects your self-confidence more than you recognize. Don’t wear anything that is too dressy for what you’re doing just go for nice, but reasonable.

sexy black heels leather gloves with classic outfit gold accessories with red dress cute sunglasses with black dress

When accessorizing, choose ones that will complement your outfit without going over the top. Gold jewelry, classic sunglasses, classic hats, classic belts, elegant clutches and a pair of heels are a great option. Choose a pair of shoes that gives you an extra boost without putting you at risk of breaking your ankle. Classic black pumps or nude sandals really go well with everything.

As what Iga proved to us, dressing timeless with a touch of classic elegance is just simple. You don’t have to shell out a ton of money but the key is simplicity and tasteful dressing. Be classic and elegant and be a sophisticated woman that turns heads.


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