Iga Wysocka: How to Make Your Summer Clothes Winter-Friendly

Summer clothes are flirty, feminine, and stylish, but just because winter has arrived do mean you have to pack away your favorite summer clothes. Every woman should know ways how to make her every ensemble season appropriate, especially in the winter season full of layers. Iga Wysocka, a Poland-based fashion blogger behind the Skinny Liar, shows off her feminine and classic style of wearing summer dresses, bright colors, and miniskirts during summer. If you’re wondering how to make your summer clothes winter friendly, keep on reading to scoop some of her tricks.

chic black and red winter outfit

chic hat with casual outfit fur coat with blue hat fur hoodies with jeans winter outfit with animal print coat

Winter fashion comes with some very cute accessories like boots, blanket scarves, knitted scarves, mittens, earmuffs, leather gloves, and beanies caps that can make your winter outfit chic and warm. Ugg boots are perfect for winter, but you may go for knee-high boots for a chicer look. Wearing chic knee-high boots or even thigh-high ones can let you show off your short summer dresses with a winter twist. Like Iga, opt for chicer winter accessories like opting for a chic bowler hat over beanies, and chic pair of boots over Ugg ones.

blue dress with jacket and tights dress shirt with tights and boots fringe skirt with chic outerwear leather skirt with knitted top and tights plaid skirt with layered top winter outfit with socks and shoes

Go crazy with tights and socks in the winter whether solid-colored or printed and patterned style as long as it gives you warmth and comfort in the chilly weather. The best thing on wearing these winter staples, you can even show off your skirts, dresses, and shorts in the winter providing you a good insulation underneath. Like Iga, you may go for thick fabric skirt and top combinations or even dresses like leather, knits, fur, wool, and other kinds that will keep your outfit winter-friendly.

chambray top with army jacket and jeans graphic top with skirt and blazer mustard knitted top with jeans pink jacket with winter outfit printed pants with winter jacket shirt and skirt with coat

Bright, fun, and cheery colors is a trademark of the summer season, but you can still wear them even in winter. Though winter appropriate colors are usually dark and bright for summer, do the trick by pairing your brightly colored ensembles with dark ones to have a nice “pop” of color to our outfits. Dark colors like black, red, navy, forest green, and brown known to be the warming and insulating as their fabrics provide more hold of the heat rather than lighter and pastel shades. But, by adding a dark army green jacket with your light blue button down shirt and wearing dark washed trousers instead of white denim, you “tone it down” for winter making your summer ensemble winter-friendly.

shorts with puffer jacket leather on leather outfit knitted outfit with fur coat cute winter outfit chic winter outfit with beanie chic fur coat with jeans

One of the best ways to make your summer clothes winter-friendly is by adding a jacket or putting on layers to keep you warm and also trendy. A fur coat, poncho, wool coat, and knitted jackets are great for giving you extra warmth. Learn the basics of layering tricks to keep your looks fashionable even wearing tons of clothes. However, if you wish not to look bulky on winter layering, like Iga, go for leather on leather outfit by wearing a leather top, leather jacket, leather trousers, and leather boots all together in one outfit. This way, you wouldn’t look violating any fashion rules for winter. You just have to be creative and figure out a way to make your summer clothes winter-friendly.


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