Ideas for Updating an Old T-shirt

T-shirts are one of the most basic must haves for anyone and everyone. You can wear it on its own, use it as a layering piece or, if you’re a crafty gal like me, use it for various DIY projects. Since t-shirts are basic must haves, we sometimes can’t help but buy them even if we already have lots of them so a lot of the older shirts tend to sit at the back of our closets waiting to be used again. If you have tons of t-shirts that you no longer use, short sleeved or long sleeved, why not do some DIYing to breathe new life into these old babies? Here are some ideas for updating an old t-shirt into something wearable and cool.

  • Add sequins –sequins always do a great job in adding that much needed glam on to something drab and dull so if you have an old unused t-shirt that you want to use again, why not add some sequins on to them and use them for your next night out.

silver sequined tshirt

sequined tshirt

  • Do cut out details – cut out details are super cute. It lets you get really creative with whatever design you want to do so if you’re itching to get some snipping done, why not update an old shirt by cutting out some cool details on to it? You may want to watch some video tutorials on YouTube first to get a glimpse of how to do this. Cut out shirts look great when worn on top of tank tops, bandeaus or crop tops.

cool shirt cut out tshirt cut out diy

  • Braid it up – if you like doing meticulous crafts with your hands, why not try t-shirt braiding? It’s really easy once you get the hang of it and it’s a fun way to give your old t-shirts a sexy summer look. Just like cut out t-shirts, you can wear braided t-shirts on top of other summer pieces as well but you can also wear it on its own.

sexy shirt back braided shirt how to

  • Print something fun – if you have a plain t-shirt that looks really boring, why not put some fun on to it and have something quirky printed on it? It could be a goofy version of your favorite fashion logo or just something really funny. No access to any kind of printer whatsoever? You can also paint your design on your shirt instead.

catwalk print shirt batman shirt

  • Tie-dye – for a really colorful summer DIY, you can also try doing various tie-dye designs on old shirts. This DIY idea is something fun, easy and affordable so it’s perfect for those of you who are on a bit of a budget. You can also do this with your friends for a fun summer activity.

smiley tie dye

  • Embroider it – embroidered pieces are one of summer’s biggest trends so why not make your embroidered number by sewing on cute little embroidered patterns on your shirt. If you don’t know how to embroider but can do some basic sewing, you can simply buy embroidered patches / appliqué and sew them on to your old shirt to give it the same cute look.

floral emboidery


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