Iconic Bags Any Fashion Girl Should Aim For

Every season, a new It bag is launched and while there’s no doubt that any fashion girl would go gaga for these, there’s no denying as well that many would take the classics over these new releases any day. Nothing makes a greater statement when you enter a room more than carrying a classic purse everyone has been drooling over. Here are some of the most iconic bags any fashion girl should aim for.

  • HERMES BIRKIN – the Hermes Birkin bag is one of the most elusive of all classic designer purses. Even if you have the money to buy it, you’d have to wait a while to get one because there’s a long (and I mean ridiculously long) wait list consisting of celebrities and other high profile fashionistas waiting to get a hold of this beauty.

hermes birkin blue

hermes birkin

  • CHANEL 2.55 – the Chanel 2.55 is the It bag that all It girls have wanted at some point or another. It’s very pretty, very luxe and it is the perfect embodiment of what an It bag for the young and fresh fashionistas would be. If you’re looking for something to jumpstart your collection, this bag would make a great start.

chanel 2.55 vintage red chanel 2.55 white chanel 2.55

  • LOUIS VUITTON SPEEDY – this is perhaps the one bag that you can take anywhere and people will know what it is. The Louis Vuitton Speedy comes is various sizes and prices so if you’re a little low on cash but still want an iconic bag, you can start with the smaller Speedy 25 and work your way up the bigger ones.

lv speedy lv speedy outfit lv speedy monogram

  • MULBERRY ALEXA – names after style icon Alexa Chung, this is one of the more affordable iconic handbags that fashionistas on a budget would enjoy. The Mulberry Alexa bag is the bag that made satchels popular again. What’s great about it is that it doesn’t look too luxe so you can wear it with even the most ordinary everyday outfits but it still has that special look to it that makes it drool-worthy.

mulberry alexa bag mulberry alexa

  • LADY DIOR – you know you got a beautiful bag in your hands when even the late Princess Diana herself fell in love with it once and that’s exactly what the Lady Dior bag is. The bag design is very cute and simple. With the unique leather texture and the charms that spell out DIOR, this bag would be recognized by any fashion girl anywhere.

lady dior bag in red lady dior mini lady dior nude

  • GUCCI BAMBOO – the bamboo handles on the Gucci Bamboo bag comes from way back in ’47 and has remained a favorite up to this day. It gives the bag a very unique and rather exotic feature that you won’t find easily with other iconic handbags.

gucci bamboo

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