HURRAW ORGANIC LIP BALM review : See, this is one of my issues. When something is very cheap and very good, it somehow disables my inner censor that tells me, “No. You do not need them all.” Anyway. Hurraw! is a vegan lip balm brand based in a tiny ski town called Whitefish in Montana, USA. All Hurraw! lip balm ingredients are vegan, raw, certified organic and/or fair-trade. Standard lip balms cost $3.79USD and fancy ones – with sunscreen or a richer formula for night-time – cost $4.29USD.


Hurraw! lip balms are made by infusing oils with a range of fruit zests, seeds, pods, barks, and roots (for a better explanation, see here). There’s a cleverly-edited selection of scents and flavours: bright, zingy flavours like mint, lemon, lime; afternoon tea flavours like Earl Grey tea, coffee bean, spiced chai; soft, sweet flavours like vanilla bean, chocolate, almond. None of the flavours are overly sweet. I miraculously narrowed my selection to five vegan Hurraw organic lip balms ( yes its vegan!)– Moon BalmChai SpiceCoconutEarl Grey, and Lime.


Shipping was $6.35USD and my order took about a week and half to arrive from the US. I got a kick out of the fact someone had annotated my receipt, writing ‘Made today!‘ next to Chai Spice and ‘LOVE!’ next to Moon Balm. Good job on congratulating me on my choices, Hurraw!, it has totally enabled my continued stalking of your website. The lip balms feel lovely to wear and they withstand better than regular lip balms; it was 44 degrees Celsius here yesterday and they coped admirably.

In conclusion, get some of these organic lip balms. If you don’t want to order them straight from the source, Australian natural health and beauty store Relauncher also stocks some of the flavours (for $6.95AUD each with free shipping)

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