How to Wear Your White Top Like a Fashion Pro

We have always relied quite heavily on our basic clothes as they are versatile enough to wear with any of our outfits creating multiple fashion styles. One of them is our basic white top that offers itself like a blank canvas in some way. Whether it’s a button-down shirt, tee, crop top, tank top, or a sweater, keep on reading for styling inspiration on wearing your white top like a fashion pro.

White Button-Down Shirt

button down shirt and blazer with denim shorts

button down shirt with chic shorts white button down shirt with camel pants white button down shirt with ripped jeans white button-down shirt with striped pants

A white button-down shirt is a great ensemble to add some polish to your casual outfits especially if you’re a fan of denim shorts and distressed jeans. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may keep your top-half chic and your bottom-half casual to look laid back and polished to your street style. A crisp button-down shirt, sleek blazer, and a pair of distressed denim shorts can make the perfect casual-chic style for you. For a daring take on your basic button down, copy Micah Gianneli’s style of wearing a cropped button-down by manually knotting the ends of your shirt to create a draped look with your pants.

White Tee

white-tee-with-blazer-and-boyfriend-jeans white-tee-with-leather-vest-and-ripped-jeans white tee with orange pants white-tee-with-tuxedo-blazer-and-leather-pants white tee with zebra prit coat

Whether a crew neck or round neck, a basic white tee can take you from casual to semi-formal styles. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, just pair your plain white tee with a pair of colored jeans to create a modern casual look. Looking for an edgy look, Micah Gianneli creatively wore her white tee with a leather vest and distressed jeans, as well as a tuxedo blazer and leather trousers that gave a bold statement. To make your casual white tee chic, then wear it with a printed coat or chic blazer like Kristina Bazan did for where the zebra print of her coat spiced up her basic outfits of a t-shirt and jeans.

White Crop Top or Bandeau Top

bandeau-top-with-white-cardigan-and-jeans white crop top and skirt with printed blazer white-crop-top-with-boyfriend-jeans white crop top with white jeans and coat

Basically sexy and alluring, a crop top or a bandeau top can add some spice to your street style. Ideally, wearing your sexy top with high-waist bottom will balance the exposure on your midriff making it look more balanced and demure. To tame your sexy look, then, be inspired by Micah Gianneli’s style of wearing a solid-colored coat, printed blazer, or a cropped jacket with her crop top and skirt combination.

White Tank Top

tank-top-with-blazer-and-white-pants tank top with skirt and edgy boots white tank top with orange pants and cropped jacket white tank top with pink jeans and purple shoes

Depending on the fabric it’s made of, cotton tank tops can look very casual perfect for running and jogging. However, you can still dress them up with a coat or jacket like we’ve mentioned earlier. To make your tank top a blank canvas or a neutralizer for your color blocked outfit, then, copy Chiara Ferragni’s style of wearing a white tank top, black cropped jacket, orange pants, and even a pink scarf and bag altogether.

White Sweater

white sweater with leather trousers white sweater with green skirt and blazer white sweater with floral skirt and red stilettos turtleneck sweater with white jeans and coat

A functional and stylish fashion piece, a white sweater can dress up your casual outfits and even make your chic outfits even dressier. Like Kristina Bazan, you may opt for a cashmere sweater and chic blazer with an emerald green midi skirt to create a sophisticated look. A sweater made from knits and cashmere can make you feel cozy enough especially in chilly days while keeping your outfits classic and elegant. To make your basic piece more stylish, then wear it with a floral print skirt like Nicole Warne did creating a great backdrop for her prints.

Your white top is a basic and versatile piece that you can wear to create multiple looks on your street style. All you need is a creative fashion sense to put your outfits together and have the confidence to show off your looks.

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