How to Wear Victorian-Inspired Pieces Modernly

The Victorian era has a huge impact on the entire fashion world as modern fashion designers still sought out sartorial inspirations from the iconic fashion pieces that had arisen during the Victorian era. From ruffles, laces, corsets, to the well-known baroque shoes, we have seen many fashion designers take fashion inspirations from the iconic era. Looking for ways how to wear the 70-year era of Victorian fashion and translate it into modern style? Keep on reading for our style guidelines on wearing the Victorian-inspired pieces modernly.

baroque shoes with victorian outfit

bowler hat with lace dress and ballet flats choker with avant garde outfit corset belt with  peasant blouse and architectural skirt victorian flat shoes with tunic and skirt

To keep your outfit Victorian-inspired without going overboard, incorporate some key pieces or accessories like corset belts, choker, baroque shoes, lace up heels, Victorian flats, bowler hats and such to your typical outfit. While the actual Victorian shoes are not really something wearable for the modern days, there are shoes out there that have a hint of Victorian essences to them. Some oxford shoes, especially those with heels look vintagey. Wearing your Victorian-inspired accessories like a choker necklace with modern outfits can totally revamp the look. Like fashion blogger Margaret Zhang, wear your choker with an avant-garde outfit in creative layers to make you look a bit current and trendy.

burgundy-velvet-dress-with-boots modern velvet dress navy velvet dress victorian dress with statement shoes victorian velvet dress

Though you hardly see velvet dresses these last few years, it’s definitely getting back on the trend riding the Victorian fashion bandwagon. Whether the dress has a simple design like an A-line or shift silhouette, there is still something regal and grand about it just because it is made of velvet. To modernize the style, trade your Victorian-inspired footwear to a modern pair of statement shoes. Wearing modern cut-out boots, strappy sandals, avant-garde shoes, and even wearing socks with sandals or shoes that have been a fashion faux pas that is now considered as a modern style will refresh your look.

black lace dress and coat with animal print shoes and bag black lace dress lace dress with tote bag red lace dress with gladiator sandals white lace dress with gladiator sandals white lace dress with statement shoes white lace dress with tote bag

Long lace dresses are typically being worn by gothic and grunge style these days, but these have all been quite popular during the Victorian time. To make them look modern and ladylike, go for dresses in the classic shades of black, cream, white, red, and navy that have a simple silhouette and has a lace overlay all over. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may go for shorter hemline of lace dresses and wear it with feminine shoes making your Victorian-inspired lace dress modern.

denim shorts with victorian top high neck top with denim jeans high neck top with flared jeans and denim jacket modern victorian outfit

High neck blouses, pussy bow blouses, and turtlenecks with ruffles are also a trademark of Victorian fashion. High neck tops are great for formal events, especially when it is made up of lace, but it is also a good top to wear for casual and semi-formal looks. To make it look modern and casual, wear your Victorian-inspired tops with your favorite jeans. Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, and even cut off shorts can make your style trendy and fashion-forward.

blazer with corset top and jeans corset top with skinny jeans leather corset in white striped skirt with corset top and coat sweetheart corset with graphic shirt lace skirt with graphic ttop pink victorian skirt with sheer top silk midi skirt with red top

Corset tops are now worn creatively by street style stars. You may now wear it as outerwear and pair it with your skirt or jeans. Or, if you’re bold enough, wear your corset top with a button down shirt as under layer making your outfit look trendy and fashion-forward. Also, Victorian-inspired skirts, especially those with baroque cut-out patterns, silk textile, and lace fabrics can look modern when paired with trendy tops like graphic shirts and such.

Indeed, Victorian-inspired pieces are statement-making and iconic that must be incorporated into your style to give it some flair. All you need is creativity to modernize them with trendy and fashion-forward pieces.

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