How to Wear Velvet and Still Pull Off a Casual Look

Velvet has always been the type of fabric you see on dressy outfits and pieces that you would wear to some fancy event or place, but if you are daring enough then why not try wearing velvet with a more casual look? Not everyone can pull this off, but it is possible. Wearing velvet with your everyday street style looks can easily update the whole outfit and give it a bit of a ritzy vibe.Here are some tips on how to wear velvet and still pull off a casual look..

jeans and velvet croptop outfit

vekvet dress and sneakers

Choose a basic piece

When it comes to pulling off a casual look with a fabric as dressy as velvet, simplicity is key. Choose a basic piece of velvet clothing like a velvet shirt, a velvet skirt or a simple velvet dress without too many frilly details to keep everything low-key.

chic velvet pants outfit velvet pleated skirt outfit

Wear it one piece at a time

Another way to wear velvet with a more casual vibe is to wear it one piece at a time. Got a nice velvet top you’d like to rock while casually shopping and strolling at the mall? Pair it with anything but another velvet piece. The same goes for velvet bottoms, be it shorts, pants, or a skirt. Doing this will help keep you from going over-the-top with the fabric.

velvet tshirt outfit basic outfit with blue velvet jacket

Pair it with casual pieces

Perhaps the most foolproof way to wear velvet while still rocking a casual look is to make sure that casual pieces dominate your look. Pair your velvet pieces with more casual ones like jeans, sneakers, and denim. Mixing velvet with casual pieces dresses it down and makes it more appropriate for street style and laid back looks.

velvet jacket and denim skirt overalls in velvet with crop top

Accessorize with velvet

If you’re really not comfortable with wearing velvet in major pieces of your outfit, you can always choose to use it subtler ways instead like accessorizing with it. There are plenty of velvet accessories that you can add to an ensemble and make it look classy. A velvet purse, velvet shoes (velvet boots are really cute!), a velvet choker, or whatever else you can find and throw on. Doing this allows you to wear more than one piece of velvet, too, since the pieces would be quite subtle.

matching velvet accessories in marron velvet headband

Wear it bold

The thing about today’s fashion is street style looks are getting bolder so if you have the heart and you really wanna do something bold and edgy, you can go for a head-to-toe velvet look like these ones in the photos below. Just try not to go for really fancy pieces to keep the casual vibe strong.

velvet suit outfit dress and boots blue velvet with floral details


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